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Instant Hot Water Systems

Instant hot water shower.

Mr. Plumber is a leading installer of hot water systems in the Melbourne area. Based in Ringwood, we install instant hot water systems everywhere from the Melboure CBD, all the way down the Mornington Peninsula, as far out as Dandenong and all the way down to Portsea. We have over four decades of experience dealing the installation of hot water systems and with hot water repairs, as well as maintenance.

Mr Plumber knows that when your hot water is not working, you need it fixed, pronto! We offer a rapid deployment, 24/7, emergency service.  We're also trusted, licenced and skilled to install all brands of instant hot water systems.

Leaking hot water systems can cause cause damage to surrounding infrastructure, which inevitably leads to higher repair costs. If your hot water system is on the blink, you need to call a professional.


Mr Plumber is skilled, licenced and trusted to let you know whether it's time to let the old system go, or whether you need a new hot water system installation. You may even benefit from an instant hot water system.

Call Mr Plumber to discuss 1800 758 623!

Mr Plumber Installs Hot Water Systems in the Melbourne Area

Instant Hot Water Systems Melbourne

Plumber checking hot water.

The installation of instant hot water systems can be a great benefit to your home or business.  Mr Plumber has  expertise in a variety of models and will make sure the job is done correctly. Mr. Plumber specialises in the installation and maintenance on all makes and models of hot water systems including gas electric, and solar hot water system repair. We fully guarantee our work, and we’re available 24 hours a day. We also offer pensioner discounts.

What are the Benefits of an Instant Hot Water System

Instant hot water systems offer many financial benefits to. It may be worth upgrading from a gas or electric hot water system to an instant option. If your household is growing and hot water keeps running low, it might be beneficial to include an instant hot waster system in addition to your gas or electric hot water system, instead of installing a larger tank. The benefits are many!

Save Power: 

With the cost of power going up, seemingly every quarter, instant hot water systems offer a welcome financial relief. Instant hot water systems don't need to keep running to heat up a tank that you're not using.

On Demand  Heat

Have you ever gone on a holiday and you need to adjust your electric hot water to try to save money? With an instant hot water system, you don't need to worry about that. 

Room Saving
Traditional hot water systems, both gas and electric take up quite a bit of space. On the other hand, instant hot water systems can be installed almost anywhere, even in the most restrictive spaces.

Save on Water
Can you imagine how much water is wasted in Australia while millions of people wait for the hot water to reach the tap? Or even the shower, for that matter?  Even if you already have a traditional hot water system, you might also benefit from installing one into the kitchen. This will save you both time and water. *And money!

Instant Hot Water Systems Offer Continuous Hot Water

Plumber checks hot water system.

We've all been there. It's freezing cold and we're in the shower -- next thing you know someone has turned the hot water tap on in the kitchen. That's no fun at all, you're sure to agree. One of the great benefits to an instant hot water system is that they provide continuous hot water flow. It doesn't matter how many other taps are turned on, even if the water pressure drops, you won't be turned into a human ice cube. And that's always a bonus!

Are You Looking for a Quality, Long Term Option?

Instant hot water systems generally last twice as long as their traditional gas or electric counterparts. Hot water tank repairs generally involve replacing faulty valves and electrical components and fixing leaky water lines. Gas water systems also require maintenance, which can be costly. However, the typical instant hot water system generally lasts around 20 years without the need for any major servicing or maintenance at all.

More Benefits of Instant Hot Water Systems

The benefits to installing an instant hot water system continue. Hot water is vital to your well being. Part of your well being is finance, so if you can install a solution that saves you time, money and water, that's a welcome relief.

Energy Efficiency
Hot water systems are extremely efficient with both power and water consumption. Some instant hot water systems boast an energy rating of seven stars. You can further boost that efficiency of an instant hot water system by also installing a solar hot water system

Simple to Operate

Instant hot waster systems are extremely simple to operate. System controllers are within reach at each point of use, making it easy to adjust the temperature of hot water.

Reduced Maintenance
Hot water tanks are not required for instant hot water systems. This reduced the need for maintenance because with both traditional gas  and electric systems there's a lot more involved to get the hot water to the point of use. Instant hot waster systems use less wiring, less pipes, they are generally more accessible and simpler to maintain of required.

Why call Mr Plumber to Install Your Instant Hot Water System?

Mr. Plumber is always available 24 hours a day for emergency hot water repair throughout Melbourne and are registered experts so you can rely on us to get your instant hot water system repaired quickly and efficiently. Call us today on 1800 758 623 

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