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Hot Water Repair Melbourne

Plumber checks hot water systmem.

Mr. Plumber is the leading provider of hot water system repair in the Melbourne metropolitan area. We have many years of experience dealing with hot water repairs on every type of hot water heater. Therefore, we know how big of an emergency it is when your hot water heater has a problem. Not only do you not have hot water, but you might have a leak causing flooding and water damage. Not to worry though, Mr. Plumber is here to help. We’ve put together a list of some of our customers’ most frequently asked questions to give you some guidance when your hot water heater breaks down.

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We can fix your hot water system no matter the issue. Call the hot water repair experts today!

Hot water repairs Melbourne

Hot water repairs can be complicated, especially with so many makes and models in use of all ages. That’s why you need to contact an experienced plumber with expertise in a variety of types to make sure the job is done correctly. Mr. Plumber specializes in repairs and maintenance on all makes and models including gas hot water repair, electric, and solar hot water system repair, as well as heat pumps. We fully guarantee our work, and we’re available 24 hours a day.

What to do if your hot water system breaks?

A man try to fix hot water systmem.

In a hot water heater emergency, you should do a few things right away:

  • Shut off the gas or electricity by turning the temperature dial all the way down or flipping the circuit breaker off.

  • Shut off the water line to the tank by turning the valve at the top of the tank clockwise.

  • Drain the water from the tank using the drain valve at the bottom and catching the water in a bucket, or attach a hose to direct it outside.

  • Call Mr. Plumber on 1800 758 623 or use our contact form to book a plumber in Melbourne today.

What causes hot water systems to break?

There are many things that can cause hot water system failures, including failing or stuck valves, a buildup of rust, mineral deposits, and corrosion, and electrical component failures. Regular inspections will prevent most problems. If your system is more than 10-15 years old, it might need to be replaced.

Types of hot water repair and maintenance

Plumber checks hot water system.

Hot water tank repairs generally involve replacing faulty valves and electrical components and fixing leaky water lines. Most problems can be avoided with regular inspections and maintenance by an experienced professional.

Mr Plumber is fully licensed and highly experienced in performing hot water system repairs in the Melbourne metro area. We have earned a place as the leading plumbing service in the city.

Who to call if your hot water system is broken

Your hot water system is vital to your wellbeing. Amateur hot water repairs might make the problem worse, or even destroy your system. They can also be dangerous. Only entrust hot water tank repair and maintenance to experienced and proven experts. Mr. Plumber is fully licensed to do hot water repair Melbourne.

Mr Plumber is a Trusted Service for Hot Water Repair Melbourne

You never think about how much you appreciate hot water until something happens to your hot water system. At Mr Plumber, we take pride in the professional installation of new hot water systems. We also carry out maintenance and repairs of existing ones.

We offer the hot water repair service that Melbourne residents trust. Our capable plumbers are available 24 hours a day to fix your hot water issues quickly. All of our plumbers live here in Melbourne, and are familiar with the city and its suburbs.

What is Instantaneous Hot Water?

Instantaneous hot water systems provide hot water on demand, just when you need it and take up much less room than water tank hot water systems. Instant hot water systems run on electricity or gas. 
Our plumbers are familiar with a wide range of systems. We are fully licensed and experienced with all hot water system brands to offer the hot water repairs you need when you need them.

Benefits of Instant Hot Water Systems

Instant hot water shower.

Instant hot water systems have many advantages over conventional tank water heaters because they heat water on demand, so power is not wasted keeping a tank of water hot until it's needed. You'll never experience running out of hot water again. The member of your family who gets the third or fourth shower can be as sure of a hot shower as the person who took the first one.

Instant hot water systems also require far less maintenance than tank-style water heaters. They last longer, which means that your investment in your home will continue to pay off for years and years.

Installation and Repair of Instant Hot Water Systems

Mtr Plumber has extensive experience repairing, installing and servicing instant hot water systems. We work with a number of popular hot water brands so that you have a wide choice of products available for your home.


While instant hot water systems are lower maintenance than other types of hot water systems, they are not maintenance free. We can perform the routine maintenance you need to keep your system running well and to extend its serviceable life.


When you do need a repair, we are ready and available to help. We understand how important it is to have reliable hot water in your home. Because of this, we are available for repairs 24 hours a day, every day of the week.

Instant Electric Hot Water System Repair and Installation

Is it time to upgrade to an instant electric hot water system? Give us a call. We can discuss the models available and help you decide which is right for you. There are systems that fit different needs based on family size, where the system will be located, and other factors such as how much hot water you anticipate using each day. Give us a call to learn more about installing instant hot water in Melbourne.

We are available when you need us to repair your hot water system. We carry a wide range of tools and parts on hand in every truck, so you aren't stuck waiting while we head back to get needed parts. We know how inconvenient it is when your hot water goes out. That is why we are dedicated to getting your system back on and doing its job right away.

If you have an issue with your hot water system, give us a call. We offer the trustworthy service that our wonderful customers in Melbourne have come to expect.

Instant Hot Water Plumbers Melbourne

Considering an instant hot water system? We can repair and install  instant hot water in Melbourne homes and businesses. Mr Plumber installs and  repairs all major hot water system brands, including instant hot water systems which are a great option to consider if you've just moved into a new home or if your old hot water heater is due for replacement.

Why call Mr Plumber to fix your hot water system

Mr. Plumber is always available 24 hours a day for emergency hot water repair throughout Melbourne and are registered experts so you can rely on us to get your hot water system repaired quickly and efficiently. Call us today on 1800 758 623 

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