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You may have a leak if you are experiencing unusually high water bills. Residential or commercial leaks can be a challenge to locate and are often found in places that are hard to get to or otherwise difficult to trace the source of. If you’re experiencing a sudden water bill increase and you can’t find a leak, you should call a plumber right away.

Leaks left unabated can cause expensive damage to property as well as high water bills. Or worse, water leaks can affect neighbouring properties or businesses. Mr Plumber is experienced with every kind of leak: Under slabs, behind walls, from burst pipes or from faulty plumbing fixtures. Our licenced plumbing team will use the latest leak detection methods and equipment to find the source of your leak and repair it at a reasonable price, saving you both time and money.

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Mr Plumber Specialises in Leak Detection and Leak Repairs

Superior Leak Detection Technologies

We use the latest CCTV technology to find water leaks wherever they might be; in drains, under paths or down drainpipes. Water leaks can be found in both new and older homes due to poor construction, corrosion or movement of the ground. Pipe damage can be caused by carelessness, ie: Parking heavy machinery or vehicles over pipes. Leaks can also be caused by the growth of plants and trees which can crack, move or breach pipes.

 It can be difficult to know what has caused a leak without the proper tools and experience. Mr Plumber has the tools and the experience to find water leaks and provide efficient, permanent solutions. We have high pressure water jetter equipment for efficient drain cleaning as well as CCTV and many other specialised equipment. Wherever your leak is or what ever has caused it, we’ll find it.

Mr Plumber Water Leak Detection Services

    • Water, stormwater, irrigation, sewer and septic line investigation
    • CCTV camera investigation for pipes and sewers
    • Investigation of water leaks under paths, slabs, behind walls and other hard to see places
    • Mr Plumber saves home and business owners money by finding leaks efficiently using the latest technology
    • Location of unexplained dampness, moisture or mould buildup
    • Water jetter services to thoroughly clean pipes and drains

Whether your hot water service is leaking, a tap, or something more serious, Mr Plumber has the technology to get it sorted.

Residential Water Leak Detection

Mr Plumber is here to detect water leaks in your home, and yards and to potentially save you a lot of money in damages and water bills. Not all leaks are simple to diagnose. Water leaks are a common cause of water bill anomalies and can be left unabated due to the fact that they’re hidden. However, if you suspect you have a leak, you should contact Mr Plumber right away. Leaving a water leak can cause much higher costs than your water bill.

Commercial Property Leak Detection

Mr Plumber’s technicians don't stop at residential homes, we also work with workplaces all over Melbourne. Our licenced professionals can help your business locate a leak efficiently and provide a professional and cost effective service to keep downtime to an absolute minimum. We understand that your business is important, so we’ll carry out work at a time that suits you and provide reasonable and fair quotes.

Mr Plumber leak Detection Benefits

  • Mr Plumber specialises water leak detection

  • Our team is fully licenced and qualified to carry out both inspections and repairs

  • Have your leaks diagnosed and fixed properly and permanently

  • Servicing the Melbourne Area for 40 years, we have the experience that our services quick and cost effective

Mr Plumber are experts in water leak detection. Many leak detection services do not provide plumbing services. For a full service inspection, consultation and quote by experienced professionals, Mr Plumber is your one stop shop for all residential and commercial leaks or suspected leaks. We use the latest water detection technologies on the market and we have the skills, qualifications and experience to ensure that your leak is fixed properly an permanently.

Why choose Mr Plumber for leak detection services?

Mr Plumber has been tending to all kinds of leaks in the Melbourne area for over four decades. We specialise in all kinds of leaks. If it can leak, we've fixed it. our licenced team of plumbers use the latest leak detection technologies. So whether your leak is hidden, under the ground, inside a pipe or in your home, we'll find it and we'll fix it for a reasonable price.  Mr Plumber vehicles are equipped with the latest leak detection equipment such as CCTV cameras and water jetters.



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