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Mr. Plumber handles all kinds of tough plumbing problems in Melbourne, but one of the most common and persistent is blocked drains. It’s also one of the easiest ones to fix, if you have the know how and the right equipment. Clogged and blocked drains can be a real problem for residents, causing smelly backed up water and maybe even flooding and water damage. Mr Plumber can help you unblock drains Melbourne quickly and inexpensively using water jetter and CCTV drain camera technology.

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What can cause blocked drains in Melbourne?

There are a lot of items in a normal household that can cause blocked drains. One of the most common is human hair, especially in bathroom sinks and bathtubs. Another common cause in the kitchen is grease, oil, and animal fat building up in the drains. Also small toys, soap pieces, food leftovers, sanitary napkins, and anything that can get stuck in the drain can cause a blockage, often to the point where they need the attention of professional drainage plumbers Melbourne. Sometimes tree roots can invade the main drainage lines of a dwelling, which may require heavier plumbing equipment to clear out, and it’s possible that a section of the drain line itself might need to be replaced in the worst cases.​ Mr Plumber offers blocked drain plumbing services, so what ever is causing your blocked drains, Mr Plumber is experienced and qualified to fix it.

Who clears blocked drains?

When a resident has encountered a blocked drain that has resisted all efforts to break it free, then it’s time to call for the services of a trained, experienced, and trustworthy blocked drain plumber. Mr. Plumber has the trained technicians and specialized equipment to deal with any type of blocked drains Melbourne. Whatever is causing your problem, Mr. Plumber will fix it quickly and affordably.

Can you clear a blocked drain yourself?

It’s always best to avoid blocked drains by practicing a little bit of prevention. Use of a strainer in the kitchen sink to keep food scraps out of the drain is a good idea, and you should dispose of oil and grease in a separate container. Don’t let children play with small toys in the tub, and avoid having small items around sinks. It is possible to unblock drains Melbourne with commercial drain cleaners and/or a plunger. But serious clogs will require professional drainage plumbers Melbourne.

When you need help with a blocked drain, you want it fixed fast and cheaply. Mr. Plumber is available 24 hours a day 7 days a week to come to your rescue. 

Why choose Mr Plumber to fix your blocked drain?

We have years of expert experience in dealing with this problem, we use sophisticated camera technology to probe your drain lines to locate the stoppage no matter how far below the surface it may be, and then prescribe the best method of clearing it quickly and safely. Normally blocked drains can be cleared in minutes, but sometimes it takes heavier equipment to clear roots and heavy clogs, and we always have that available.



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