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Blocked Stormwater Drains


Do you have a blocked stormwater drain? Do you know how to tell if your stormwater drain is blocked? What are the signs? Mr Plumber is licenced, experienced and certified to help you with your blocked drains and stormwater drainage issues. We have high pressure equipment, utilise CCTV technology and have years of experience unblocking all kinds of drains, so you're in good hands with Mr Plumber.

Mr Plumber has been sorting out blocked drains in Melbourne for over 40 years. Regardless of the situation, whether you have a blocked stormwater drain, blocked sewer or even burst water pipes, Mr Plumber has the specialised equipment and the knowledge to get things flowing freely once again.

It's important to know what what kind of drain it is that's blocked, because the causes of blockages can vary, depending on the type of drain. Stormwater drains can be blocked by silt, rubbish or other debris. While sewer drains might be caused by fats, grease or other products coming from inside the home or business. Mr Plumber has the experience and equipment to determine the cause of your blocked drains.

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Mr Plumber Unblocks Stormwater Drains in the Melbourne Area

How Do You Know if You Have a Blocked Stormwater Drain?

Some of the warning signs of a blocked stormwater drain include:

  • Overflowing gutters

  • Pungent smell

  • Flooded surroundings

  • No water flow

There are many telltale signs that let you know you have a blocked stormwater drain. One of the most obvious signs is overflowing gutters. If you have a blocked drain when there's a sudden and significant downpour, the water that runs down your roof and into your gutters will have nowhere to go. So, the back pressure caused by a blocked drainage system will direct  the water to flow over the gutter instead of down the pipe where it is supposed to.

Another sign that you have a blocked drain is a pungent smell. A blocked drain will trap the water causing it to become stagnant, which can attract all sorts of other unhealthy creepy crawlies; especially the dreaded mosquito! Any place where stagnant water can pool creates a breeding ground for mosquitoes. If your drain is not flowing freely, water can pool in all areas that have overflowed and become stagnant, not just in the drain itself.

Sometimes you can know that a stormwater drain is blocked because even when there is significant rain, you see no water flowing through it. This is a sure sign that there's a blockage that needs to be tended to. If you're unsure about where your blockage is or how to fix it, give Mr Plumber a call. We're experienced with all kinds of blockages and will get your drains flowing once again for a reasonable price.

It's possible to confuse a blocked stormwater drain with a burst water pipe, due to heavy flooding in the immediate area. Sometimes a blocked drain can be quickly cleared without the need of professional help; if the cause of the blockage is obvious. On the other hand, burst water pipes require immediate professional attention.

What are the Causes of a Blocked Stormwater Drain?

Stormwater drains can be blocked by a number of things. Sometimes the blockage is not in the actual drain itself. Gutters can be blocked by leaves or there might be silt blocking pipes that cause water to run off into lawns and pathways instead of through drainage systems.

Stormwater drains can be blocked directly by silt, leaves, twigs or other rubbish. Sometimes a lot of dirt, silt and rubbish can build up in a drainage system that has never been blocked -- and then after a sudden downpour all that debris along the drainage line can collect at one point, clog the drainage system and cause flooding in the surrounding area.

Know the Difference Between a Stormwater Drain and a Sewerage Drain

You'd be surprised how many of our customers don't actually know the difference between a stormwater drainage system and a sewer system. So here's a basic rundown:

Sewer Drainage

The sewer drainage system for your home consists of a series of underground pipes that carry waste from your kitchen, laundry, bathroom and sinks. Sewerage drains lead to waste treatment plants where the waste is treated and then released back into the waterways. The sewer drainage system can be blocked by fats, oils, hair and products that have been washed down sinks. Sometimes even toilet roll and paper towel can be the culprits. A burst water pipe within the sewer drainage system should be seen to by a professional immediately.

Stormwater Drainage

The function of a stormwater drainage system is to provide a way for rainwater to find its way back into the waterways without causing flooding. Stormwater is not treated, so it is extremely important that we don't pollute the stormwater drainage system with oils, chemicals or any other contaminants that could harm the environment or wildlife.


Why You Need to Fix a Blocked Stormwater Drain

A blocked stormwater drain is a more serious problem than it might appear in the surface and can cause a number of problems:

  • Breeding ground for mosquitoes

  • Attracts other insects

  • Repugnant smells

  • Causes water damage

  • Causes costly repairs

  • Causes damage to buildings and infrastructure

If you have a blocked stormwater drain, it is something that should be tended to as soon as possible. Not only can blocked drains cause repugnant smells but they are very unhealthy. Humans might be smart enough not to go near pungent water, but pets and wildlife might drink the stagnant water and be come ill or even diseased. Blocked stormwater drains can be extremely unhealthy for humans, pets and wildlife.

Blocked stormwater drains can attract insects and even create fertile breeding ground for mosquitoes. Mosquitoes are known to carry many diseases; some of them can be quite serious. We should all play our part in preventing the breeding of these dreaded insects. So if we discover that we have a blocked drain, it is best to have it seen to quickly.

If we leave blocked stormwater drains or burst water pipes to fester they can cause all kinds of damage. The damage may not be readily apparent, but left for a log period of time they can cause damage to the foundations of buildings, rot in nearby structures made from timber or materials that can corrode. Pooling water can also cause mold, slime and other grotesque substances.

How do you Clear a Blocked Stormwater Drain?

Sometimes the cause of a blocked stormwater drain is obvious. You can see leaves, sticks  or silt clearly blocking the flow of the drain. In such a case, a bit of shoveling will usually be all that's needed. If the build up is only silt, you might try prodding the building with a running hose so that it releases and flows freely down the drainage system. If you can't get the drain unblocked with a hose, give Mr Plumber a call. We have specialised tools and high pressure equipment.

Why call Mr Plumber to Fix Your Blocked Stormwater Drain?

Mr. Plumber is always available 24 hours a day to unblock stormwater drains  throughout Melbourne and are registered experts so you can rely on us to unblock your drain system repaired quickly and efficiently.


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