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Water Jetter / Sewer Jetter Plumbing Service Melbourne

Water jetting.

Mr Plumber is your water jetter specialist in and around Melbourne. Serving residents for over four decades, we are trusted and well versed with all kinds of blockages. We have the experience and high-pressure water jetting equipment, as well as CCTV technology for drain camera inspections to promptly diagnose and permanently unblock drains.

Mr Plumber vehicles are equipped with the latest water jetting equipment. Water jetting , also commonly referred to as sewer jetting is a great option for drains and pipes that present more challenging blockages.

Water jetting is useful for heavy grease and fat deposits as well as dirt, leaves and sediment. The water jetter machine uses high pressure water to clear stubborn blockages and clean pipes.

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Mr Plumber uses the latest high-pressure water jetter technology

How Does Water Jetting Work?

The high-pressure water jetter pump delivers the powerful jets of water required to properly clean drain and pipe blockages. A high-pressure hose is wound onto a reel enabling the licenced professional to retract the hose. The high pressure water erodes most materials, including heavy grease and fat deposits and has a greater reach than conventional drain machines. If a drain is not fully cleaned, including the walls of the drain, simply flushing out a drain will not be enough. It is necessary to completely clean a drain to prevent future obstacles from having something to latch onto. Once a drain has been thoroughly cleaned, Mr Plumber will investigate to find out if other obstacles are present, such as cracks or tree roots. If a problem is found, Mr Plumber is experienced to provide you with a strategic plan to permanently resolve the problem.

Benefits of Water Jetting

Water jetting.

It can be tempting to reach for aggressive or corrosive as acids/chemical cleaners which can causes damage to pipes/drains. However, water jetting uses high pressure water, instead of chemicals. A water jetter or sewer jetter jetter has greater reach than conventional drain machines. Drain machines primarily remove the actual blockage, while a water jetter is does a more comprehensive job by cleaning the walls of the drain also. Standard store bought machines may help to temporarily get a drain flowing but will often not address the root cause. In addition, non-commercial machines may not have the power to properly clean the walls of drains and pipes, which can result in unnecessary expenses and constant cleaning. Call Mr Plumber to have your drains diagnoses with CCTV and cleaned properly and permanently.

Causes of Blockages

Drain blockages can occur for a variety of reasons and the cause of the blockage depends on where the water is flowing from. Kitchen drains can often fill pipes with fats, oils and grease, while bathroom drains tend to become blocked by hair. Using both our high-pressure water jetter and CCTV cameras we are able to pinpoint the cause of the blockage and take the appropriate steps to remove it.

Tips on How to Prevent Blockages

  • Bathrooms: A simple hair catcher/stopper over the shower drain will prevent hair from clogging the popes over time.

  • Kitchens: Collect fats and grease out of pans before washing them. Over time fats, oils and grease can build up and severely block drains.

  • Toilets: Do not flush things that don’t break down such as wet wipes or paper towel. They are notorious for blocking pipes and even sewers.

Water Jetter Plumbing Services

Often, once a drain is blocked, the best way to clean it out properly so the problem doesn't reoccur is by water jetting. Aside from clearing most blockages, our high-pressure water jetters also serve to clean the pipes as well, allowing us to use CCTV camera technology for intruding tree roots, erosion or other obstacles which may cause the drain to become blocked again. A proper diagnosis by one of Mr Plumber’s fully licenced and qualified plumbers will reveal the best course of action, depending on the cause of the blockage.

Our High-Pressure Water Jetters

To properly address drain and pipe blockages, Mr Plumber doesn’t rely on off the shelf high pressure water jetters that you see on sale in hardware stores. We constantly maintain and upgrade our high-pressure water jetters. We use powerful and technologically advanced machines. If you have a drain or pipe blockage that needs to be fixed, you can rely on Mr Plumber to diagnose the problem professionally and provide a long lasting, permanent solution.

Why Mr Plumber for Water Jetting in Melbourne?

When you call Mr Plumber, you won’t get a quick fix unless you ask for one. We always recommend our customers opt for a long-term solution, to save with future costs. Utilising the latest technology along with experience, skills and expertise around Melbourne, you can rest assured that no future repairs will be needed for years to come. Mr Plumber, your Ringwood plumber, servicing greater Melbourne is the only choice when it comes to drain repairs using high-pressure water jetters and CCTV camera technology.

Why choose Mr Plumber for water jetting?

Mr Plumber has four decades of expert experience in cleaning drains in and around the Melbourne area. We use the latest high-pressure water jetter technology. Normally blocked drains can be cleared in minutes, but sometimes it takes heavier equipment to clear roots and heavy clogs, and we always have that available. Mr Plumber vehicles are equipped with CCTV cameras and water jetters.



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