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Heater Repairs Melbourne

Outdoor gas heating.

Mr Plumber’s team specialises in heater repairs in Melbourne. Whether your premises has ducted heating a gas fireplace or a free standing gas heater, our fully licenced and qualified master gasfitting team are well equipped to keep your heating running.


We specialise in gas wall heaters, gas heater repairs and ducted heating. So whether you have a gas fireplace in your home or ducted heating in your business, our team is licenced and qualified to install or repair your heater. The typical gas heater service cost varies, depending on your requirements.

In order for us to best help you, give us a call. Our team of master plumbers and gas fitters have experience repairing heaters all over Melbourne, from heritage listed homes to modern apartments.

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Mr Plumber is a Heating and Cooling Specialist in Melbourne

Heating and Cooling Melbourne

Cooling system.

Mr Plumber Knows Melbourne. We’ve all heard the saying: “Melbourne is a place that experiences four seasons in one day”. With hot winds blowing in from the center of Australia, meeting with cold antarctic blasts, Melbourne is a place where you’ll need to turn your heater on in the morning and by the afternoon, you need your split conditioner running. So it’s always a great time to make sure your heating and cooling is running.


Heater Repairs Melbourne: Mr Plumber installs, repairs and services heaters in Melbourne. Heating and Cooling in Melbourne is a paramount consideration that all Melbourne residents face.

Gas Heater Service | Heater Repairs

In house gas heating.

Melbourne has trusted Mr Plumber’s reliable and experienced team for their preferred gas heater service for over 40 years. One of the most popular gas heater brands is the Rinnai gas heater. Mr Plumber offers a Rinnai gas heater service as well as all other brands, makes and models of gas heaters. We also offer a ducted heating repair service, as well as all other has heaters and wall waters.

Benefits of Gas Heating

Gas heaters produce a lot of heat quickly and efficiently and are more efficient and affordable than electric heaters – particularly in Australia. There are quite a few different types of heaters, but they all fall into two categories: Flued gas heaters and unflued gas heaters. A flued heater vents emissions to the outside of the building, while an unflued gas heater vents emissions inside the building. There are strict standards about where an unflued heater can be installed. Small rooms or rooms with poor ventilation should have a flued gas heater installed.


Mr Plumber services, repairs and installs Gas fireplaces, gas ducted heating and convective space heaters. To find out which type of heater is best for your situation, give us a call. We also install radiant space heaters, gas log fires and gas powered hydronic heating.

Benefits of Installing a Gas Heater

  • Gas heating is more affordable than electric heating. Installing a new, high efficiency gas heater will usually result in significant energy savings.

  • Gas heaters generate much warmer air than electric heaters and they generally heat rooms a lot quicker.

  • Mr Plumber installs log fire gas heaters which are fantastic for setting that rustic vibe – without the mess!

  • Gas heating is reliable. Even in the event of electrical outages, gas heaters will usually continue to function.

  • Gas heating is environmentally friendly. Gas is cheaper to produce and more efficient than energy generated by oil, coal and wood.

  • Gas heating is healthier.

Call us to get a quote on your specific requirements on 1800 758 623

Melbourne Wall Heaters

Mr Plumber specialises in the repair, installation and servicing of gas wall heaters. Our vehicles are equipped with most standard fittings and replacement parts, so we might very well be able to get your heater running on the spot. However, in a worse case scenario, where a repair or service is not feasible – or for home and business extensions and refurbishments our team is licenced and qualified to install all brands of wall heaters. If you need a wall heater installed, Mr Plumber is one of Melbourne’s top wall heater installers.

Heater Repairs Melbourne

Mr Plumber has been servicing installing and repairing heaters in Melbourne for several decades. We install all major heater brands and models. We can help you to decide which type of heater is best, whether it be flued or unflued – or what type of heater to install. If your heater requires a simple repair, our team is experienced, licenced and qualified to help you. For heater repairs Melbourne -- or for repairs and installations, contact Mr Plumber.

Why choose Mr Plumber for Heater Repairs in Melbourne?

Mr Plumbers team are fully licenced and qualified gas fitters. All our Mr Plumbers hold current Australian Plumbing Licences for both gas fitting and general plumbing. They are all required to undertake continuing professional development. They are on top of their game! Our vehicles are fitted with the latest tools and most common fittings so we can get the job done quickly. Mr Plumber is one of Melbourne's most trusted heater repair companies.

Plumber installs toilet.



Plumber checks hot water system.

Hot Water


Plumber holds tool to fix leaked tap.



Plumber checks gas fitting.

Gas Fitting

& Installation

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