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Drain Cleaning and Blocked Drain Plumber

Plumbers cleaing drainage.

To improve the flow of drains and pipes or to reduce the likelihood of blocked drains it is beneficial to have drains professionally cleaned. It’s tempting to reach for the drain cleaning products to try to resolve blocked drains, but without a professional diagnosis of the blockage, the problem is likely to reoccur or become worse, costing more money down the track. Mr Plumber's professional team provides an affordable drain cleaning service to keep your home or business drainage systems healthy and flowing well. There are many benefits to having your drains cleaned professionally.

  • Reduce the likelihood of blocked drains

  • Permanently clear up nasty smells

  • Keep drains flowing fast

  • Avoid costly repairs down the track

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Mr Plumber is your drain cleaning plumber. For issues with your drains and pipes call Mr Plumber for a reliable and professional service.

Cleaning Blocked Drains | What You Need to Know

Blocked drains are a common issue that most homes and businesses encounter at some stage. However depending on how the problem is dealt and whether bandaid solutions such as drain cleaning chemicals are being used, the problem could cost more money in future. It’s a lot more time consuming and potentially more costly to unblock a drain that’s overflowing and possibly damaging property, than to have a the drain investigated and diagnosed by an experienced plumber.

A professional diagnosis will reveal the solution to drainage problems. The solution me be a simple clean, or something more potentially damaging could be found. Either way, it's important to find the root cause of the drain problem. Mr Plumber has the equipment to provide an affordable, long term solution, regardless of the diagnosis. Our team is equipped with professional tools such as CCTV drain cleaning equipment and water jetters.


There are many causes of a blocked drain such as foreign objects, hairballs, fatty build up and tree root intrusion. Depending on the cause of the drain blockage, our experienced plumbers have various methods of cleaning drains:

  • A plumbing snake or electric eel: A long wire which is carefully fed down a drain which will either break the blockage up or allow it to be pulled back out when the wire is retracted.

  • A water jetter, also known as a sewer jetter or drain jetter: Equipment which uses high-pressure water to clear the drain blockage.

  • A robotic cutter: Equipment that can passed along the drain be used to cut out hard objects such as tree roots.

Mr Plumber is Your Drain Cleaning Plumber

Sewage cleaning.

If you’re having an issue with your drains and pipes and you’ve already tried to fix the problem using drain cleaning chemicals and products, but the problem still exists, Mr Plumber is here to offer a professional diagnosis, using state of the art equipment. You will have peace of mind knowing that your drainage system has been professionally inspected, so there will be no untimely surprises or blockages in future . 

No matter how small the issue your drain blockage may seem, all drainage problems have the potential to escalate into a bigger issue and may lead to more difficult and expensive problems in the long run. If you’re experiencing bad smells or overflowing drains, it’s important to contact Mr Plumber right away – especially of you’re running a business that relies on a healthy drainage system.

Schedule a Routine Drain Cleaning Service for Business

Mr Plumber recommends including a routine drain cleaning service as part of yearly maintenance schedule. This is especially important if your home or business is reliant on clean drains. Businesses such as nursing homes, hospitals, hotels or child care centre needs to be vigilant in maintaining drains and good drainage. As well as drain cleaning Mr Plumber can also carry out a plumbing inspection with a CCTV drain camera to ensure there no other blockages or issues in your drain system such as broken or cracked pipes.

Mr Plumber for Drain Cleaning in Melbourne

Mr Plumber’s experienced team has 40 years experience cleaning drains in and around Melbourne. Our vehicles are equipped with the the latest technology. Our team can provide drain cleaning and sewer cleaning to clear your drainage system of any blockages.

Why choose Mr Plumber for your drain cleaning inspection?

We have decades of expert experience in cleaning drains in and around the Melbourne area. We use the latest drain camera technology to probe your drain lines to locate the stoppage no matter how far below the surface it may be, and then prescribe the best method of clearing it quickly and safely. Normally blocked drains can be cleared in minutes, but sometimes it takes heavier equipment to clear roots and heavy clogs, and we always have that available. Mr Plumber vehicles are equipped with CCTV cameras and water jetters.



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