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Stormwater Drains

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Stormwater drains are one of the most frequent blockages that our customers call us about. Mr Plumber is well versed with Melbourne’s blocked stormwater drains. Our vans are fitted with CCTV technology so that we can find the source of blockages -- and when it comes to removing debris, there’s no blockage that can withstand our high power water jetter technology. When our customers are experiencing blockages to their stormwater drains, they call Mr Plumber. We have a strong reputation around south east Melbourne for clearing, repairing, cleaning and diagnosing all kinds of blocked drain problems.

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Call Mr Plumber for Unblocking Residential and Commercial Stormwater Drains

Blocked Stormwater Drains Melbourne

Mr Plumber has seen it all when it comes to blocked stormwater drains in Melbourne. Drains can be blocked by a number of things. Often the blockage is not in the actual drain itself, but there is an overlooked reason for the blockage. Gutters can be blocked by leaves or there might be silt blocking pipes that cause water to run off into lawns and pathways instead of through drainage systems.

Stormwater drains can be blocked directly by silt, leaves, twigs or other rubbish. Sometimes a lot of dirt, silt and rubbish can build up in a drainage system that has never been blocked -- and then after a sudden downpour all that debris along the drainage line can collect at one point, clog the drainage system and cause flooding in the surrounding area.

Unblocking Stormwater Drains

Sometimes the cause of a blocked stormwater drain is obvious. You can see leaves, sticks  or silt clearly blocking the flow of the drain. In such a case, a bit of shoveling will usually be all that's needed for unblocking stormwater drains. If the build up is only silt, you might try prodding the building with a running hose so that it releases and flows freely down the drainage system. If you can't get the drain unblocked with a hose, give Mr Plumber a call. We have specialised tools and high pressure equipment.

Cleaning Stormwater Drains

Gully drain.

For the proper cleaning of stormwater drains, professional plumbing equipment is required for the best results. If there is any residue or build up left on the walls of the drains or pipes, this can quickly build up again causing further blockages. To have your stormwater drains cleaned properly and professionally, call Mr Plumber.

Clearing Blocked Stormwater Drains

If clearing blocked stormwater drains yourself, care should be taken. Blocked stormwater drains can become home to insects and rodents. The water can often be stagnant and unclean. Before clearing blocked stormwater drains, be sure to use protective gear such as gloves and masks. If you’re at all unsure about how to properly clear a stormwater drain, it is advisable to call a professional who is used to the task and has the tools required. Mr Plumber has decades of experience cleaning and clearing stormwater drains all over south east Melbourne.

Call Mr Plumber for Cleaning Sewer Drains

When it comes to cleaning sewer drains, Mr Plumber are the sewer drain specialists the south east Melbourne residents and businesses call on. If you have slow draining, pungent or clogged sewer drains our team has the equipment to take care of the situation. With CCTV technology, water jetting equipment and years of experience dealing with all kinds of drainage systems, call us. We’re available 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

It is not recommended to attempt to clean sewer lines without experience. Apart from the obvious health risks, using the wrong tools or procedures can damage or block sewer lines even further. Our motto, when it comes to sewer drains, is to fix it properly the first time. Our fully qualified and professional team have the specialised equipment needed to clean main sewer lines. We can be trusted to leave the site clean, safe and functioning optimally. 

Need  A Drain Cleaning Plumber?

Mr Plumber specialises in commercial and residential drain cleaning plumbing services. We’re the drain cleaning plumber of choice for many south east melbourne homes and businesses. We enjoy a great reputation as plumbers that can unblock even the most stubborn drains. If you have blocked stormwater drains or just need some routine maintenance or an inspection, give Mr Plumber a call for all your drain cleaning requirements.



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