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Hot Water System Installation

Hot water system tank.

Mr Plumber understands that hot water system emergencies and services can happen anytime that's why we are available 24/7. Established in 1978, we are a dynamic team of experienced plumbers that offer high-quality service at competitive rates. Through years of experience, we have grown our company to become a premium plumbing service provider and have expanded our client base. 

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In 2017, according to a QBCC report, around 40% of hot water installations failed to meet the required standards.

The average cost of hot water installation in Australia varies and depends on several factors. This is largely determined by the type of hot water system you need and labour cost. The same goes for hot water system repair.


In 2017, according to a QBCC report, around 40% of hot water installations failed to meet the required standards. A reliable hot water system is crucial to all households so it is crucial to find a competent plumber to ensure that your hot water system is up and running smoothly. 


We tend to take for granted the maintenance of our hot water systems until it’s too late. Instead of waiting for your hot water system to completely break down, check for signs and get quotes from reliable plumbers when you notice something is not right with your hot water system.

Solar Hot Water System Servicing and Repair

Solar hot water system on the roof.

Because it uses renewable energy, a solar hot water system is the most environmentally friendly and energy-efficient hot water system available in the market today. Hot water systems are a great option for people who want to reduce their carbon footprint and cut down on electricity bills. 

Solar hot water systems function by collecting sunlight using solar panels and are converted into heat energy. 

The downside of the solar hot water system is that it is less efficient during the winter season. Nevertheless, there are quick fixes such as electric boosted or gas boosted solar hot water systems.

Hot Water Maintenance

To ensure that your hot water system is running smoothly at all times and to increase its lifespan hot water maintenance is necessary. Here are some things you can do to ensure you have a constant hot water supply in your household:


Turn the hot water system off when you’ll be away for a long time


If you will be out of town for just a week or less, no need to worry about this, but if you’re leaving for a couple of weeks or longer, it is best to turn your hot water system off. Keeping it turned on means that the system will continue to heat the water even though it's not in use. Keeping your hot water turned off will extend its lifespan and save you money.


Inspect your hot water system for cracks 


Identify a schedule every month to check your hot water system. Look for signs of water leakage, wearing, and cracks. This will help you fix small damages before they get worse. 


Check the relief valve


Refer to the manual that came with your tank or check Google if you don’t have it with you anymore. The relief valve is a vital part of the hot water system because it is designed to relieve excess pressure. It is best to check this bi-annually. 


Make sure to seek professional plumbing services regularly


While you can do minor check-ups yourself, it is still best to let a professional plumber perform yearly hot water maintenance on your system to ensure that it is running well. An experienced plumber will also be able to identify and fix minor issues before they become worse and cost you more money. Talk to Mr Plumber to schedule check-ups.


And if you’re not sure about anything related to hot water maintenance, the Mr Plumber team will be happy to assist you.

Hot Water System Replacement Cost

A high-quality hot water system can last for about a decade when properly maintained. But, if your hot water system is showing signs of wear and tear, then it’s time to replace it. A hot water replacement cost depends on a number of factors, which includes:


  • Type of hot water system: This is one of the major factors that will determine how much you will need to shell out for a new hot water system. You can choose either a tank or tankless model (tankless models generally cost more). 


  • Location: Depending on the distance of your hot water system from your home, the hot water replacement cost might be higher or lower. If your hot water is located in a tight space that is not accessible, you will need to pay more for the labour cost.

  • Permits: The permit cost usually covers site inspection, including plumbing inspections. If there are any upgrades and changes that need to be done to the electrical lines or water lines, it will add to the cost as well.

Hot Water Service Melbourne

For hot water service in Melbourne, especially in the south east Melbourne area, contact Mr Plumber. We repair, service and install continuous hot water systems. Our licensed team of plumbers are ready to assist you 24/7.


Types Of Hot Water Systems


There are two types of hot water systems - continuous flow hot water systems (or instant hot water systems) and storage hot water systems. Both can be gas, electric, or solar-powered. 


  • Storage hot water systems: With this kind of hot water system, the water is heated and stored in a tank ready for use. They typically have a continuously burning flame that flares up the main burner when needed.


  • Continuous flow hot water system: This type of hot water system does not require a storage tank. Water is heated on-demand, so you don’t have to worry about running out of hot water or waiting for a couple of minutes before the running water gets hot.

Hot Water System Repairs Near Me

If you ever encounter any emergencies with your hot water system, simply search for hot water system repairs near me and you’ll find Mr Plumber listed. Just make sure you go for reliable and experienced plumbing services like Mr Plumber to ensure that repairs are done perfectly and on time. 

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