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Gas Leak Plumber Melbourne

Gas jet.

Mr Plumber specialises in gas leaks and repairs in the Melbourne area. Our professional team of plumbers and gas fitters are licenced to both repair and install gas appliances.

If you believe that life or property is at risk, please call 000 immediately. 

Gas leaks are incredibly dangerous and must be repaired as a matter of priority, without delay. Apart from causing a possibly fires and explosions, gas leaks can also cause carbon monoxide poisoning. If you suspect you have a gas leak in Melbourne, it is important to call us right away.

Gas leaks are often caused by faulty appliances. If you have a gas leak in your home or business, the first thing you may notice is the smell of the gas. If you smell gas, you should isolate the appliance by shutting off the gas at the meter. If your home uses a gas bottle, you can turn the bottle off by turning the valve clockwise.

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Mr Plumber Specialises in Gas Leak Detection and Repairs Melbourne

Gas Leak Detection Melbourne

Five burners gas stove at the kitchen.

For gas leak detection in Melbourne, Mr Plumber is listed on the contacts of many Melbourne homes and businesses. We offer a 24/7, reliable and reputable plumbing service. So when you need gas leak detection in Melbourne, we’re available and can come to your door right away.

Emergency Gas Leak Melbourne


Gas leaks are no joke. When it comes to emergency gas leak services in Melbourne, you need a professional service that can tend to your gas leak safely and efficiently. If you smell gas in your home or business, it is imperative that you call a fully licenced plumber immediately.

Who to Call if There is a Gas Leak?

If you are concerned that life or property is at risk, please call 000 immediately.


If your gas meter is leaking it is important that you call an emergency plumber right away. When it comes to the question: “who to call if there is a gas leak”, you should first make sure that you should exit the property immediately and turn off the gas to the property before you call a professional. If you believe life or property is at serious risk, you should call 000 without delay. If you do not know how to turn the gas off, do not enter the house. Call a professional immediately. Mr Plumber is available 24/7 for gas emergencies.

Emergency Gas Leak Melbourne

Gas leaks should be taken very seriously. If you have an emergency gas leak in Melbourne, it needs to be fixed without delay. Mr Plumber is available 24/7 to take care of gas leak emergencies throughout south east Melbourne. 


Who Do I Call If My Gas Meter Is Leaking?


If your gas meter is leaking, call Mr Plumber right away. Or 000 in case of a life threatening emergency.


Call now on 1800 758 623 | Or in case of a life threatening emergency, call 000.

What to Do in Case of a Gas Leak?

Gas leaks are serious and should not be taken lightly. If you smell gas in your home or business and do not have it seen to immediately, the leak can quickly get worse and cause a fire or explosion. Gas leaks have the potential to completely disintegrate buildings. Apart from damage or even complete destruction to property, gas leaks can also cause carbon monoxide poisoning and potentially be fatal to humans and pets.


The symptoms of carbon monoxide poisoning include lightheadedness, dizziness, nausea, shortness of breath or even chest pain. If you feel any of these symptoms after smelling gas, you should go outside immediately.

Once you’re outside you should turn off the gas supply at the meter by turning the valve so that the handle is 90 degrees to the pipe. For a gas bottle, turn the valve clockwise. Once you’ve shut of the gas you can return inside to turn off any appliances. It will also be a good idea to open doors and windows. Do not use any electrical equipment or ignite any flames or sparks.

Do Not Do These Things if you Have a  Gas Leak

   • Do not turn on fans as they are electric and could ignite the gas.
  • Don’t use any appliances or light switches. Any spark could ignite the gas.
  • Do not smoke, light matches or ignite any flame.
  • Do not stay in the house or business.

Things to Do if you Have a  Gas Leak


  • Make sure the gas is shut off at the meter or the gas bottle.
  • Extinguish any flames such as candles.
  • Turn off any gas appliances, including pilot lights.
  • Open doors and windows to ventilate the area.

How Do You Detect a Gas Leak in Melbourne?

Plumber is working on gas fitter.

Gas in its natural form does not have a smell. Gas suppliers add a chemical called Ethanethiol to give it a strong “rotten egg” type odour. This is the odour you can smell if there is a gas leak. Other indicators that you have a gas leak may include:

  • Lack of hot water from your hot water system.

  • Hissing noises from appliances.

  • Pilot light won’t stay ignited.

  • Underground gas leaks may cause grass patches.

  • Unexplained high gas bills.

  • Lightheadedness, dizzyness, nausea, shortness of breath, chest pain or vomiting after entering the property.

If you notice any of the above signs on your property, call Mr Plumber for a prompt gas leak repair.

If you continue to experience health issues, consult a doctor.

How We Repair Gas Leaks in Melbourne

Depending on the gas leak, any damaged pipes will be repaired or replaced. If the fault is nothing more than a small crack, the repair will be inexpensive. However, corroded pipes or ageing plumbing infrastructure may require the replacement of pipes and possibly appliances which will be more expensive. When it comes to gas, it is important that all work is carried out to the highest standards. Our qualified gas plumbers have the training and experience working with various pipe materials. We will be able to replace your damaged gas piping or appliances quickly , efficiently and professionally.

For gas leaks caused by faulty appliances, our gas fitting professionals carry a large range of spare parts. If the problem with your gas appliance is serious, we may recommend a replacement. We are licenced and experienced to carry out all repairs and replacements.

When it comes to gas, it’s important to act quickly. if you suspect there is a gas leak or a water leak, contact Mr Plumber for a fully qualified and licensed Melbourne gas fitter. We’re available 24/7.

Why choose Mr Plumber for gas leak repairs?

Mr Plumber has four decades of expert experience in gas leak detection and repairs in and around the Melbourne area. Our vans are equipped with a wide assortments of parts so repairs can be made quickly. Our licenced team of dedicated pluming professionals have serviced Melbourne for over 40 years, repairing, servicing and installing gas appliances such as instant gas hot water systems.



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Hot Water


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Plumber checks gas fitting.

Gas Fitting

& Installation

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