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Gas Hot Water System

Gas hot water system boiler and tank.

Dependable and efficient gas hot water systems have a lot to recommend them. A properly installed and maintained system can serve your home faithfully throughout its lifespan.

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Gas hot water systems are efficient and convenient. Mr Plumber repairs, services and installs gas hot water systems.

Gas Hot Water System Installation and Repair

You never fully appreciate your hot water system until you have an issue with it. Maybe you are in a newly purchased home and you want a new hot water system for a fresh start. Maybe your old unit has served out its useful life, and it is time to upgrade to something better and more efficient. When updating a gas hot water system knowing that you are working with a reliable service provides peace of mind.

For a system to continue to work efficiently and to provide service for many years, regular maintenance is a must. We can repair a hot water heater that is not working as expected, or provide routine inspections and maintenance to keep your system working at top capacity.

Benefits of An Instant Gas Hot Water System

Plumber checks gas hot water system.

When looking at new hot water systems, consider the many benefits of an instant gas hot water system over old-fashioned water tank models.
Instant gas hot water systems are far more efficient than tank-style hot water heaters. This is because, instead of continuously heating water in anticipation of use, the system only turns on and provides heat when you need it.

You use less water since the system immediately supplies hot water when you turn the tap. This means no time or water wasted while you are waiting for it to heat up.

And, instant systems last longer, meaning you get more out of your investment. With routine maintenance, a system can provide hot water for many years.

What Is The Best Gas Hot Water System?

There is no one answer to the question of the best gas hot water heater. Different people have different needs, which means that the system that suits them best varies greatly. We can talk you through questions about your service needs to help determine the best hot water system for you. Considerations include:


  • The number of people in your household

  • How often you wash clothing with hot water

  • How hot you prefer your water heater temperature

  • How much hot water you typically use

  • Where the system will be installed

There are currently many excellent gas hot water systems on the market. We offer several well-known brands to ensure that you find the best gas hot water system for your needs and your budget. We have extensive experience with systems from all of the manufacturers below.

Rheem Gas Hot Water System

Rheem is one of the world's largest manufacturers of water heating products. There are Rheem gas hot water systems available at a range of sizes to fit every home and family's needs. We can discuss the best gas hot water system for your home and your budget.

Bosch Gas Hot Water System

Bosch was first established over 100 years ago. Since then, the company has continually innovated, working to improve the products that they offer. The Bosch gas hot water system is designed to be highly efficient and durable.

Rinnai Gas Hot Water System

This Japanese company has an exclusive focus on gas systems that include ranges and hot water systems. A Rinnai gas hot water system is an excellent choice, with a long history of use in Australia.

Dux Gas Hot Water System

Dux is an Australian brand that has produced hot water systems since 1915. A Dux gas hot water system is both an economical and efficient choice.

What is a Gas Boosted Solar Hot Water System?

When considering new hot water systems for your home, do not neglect the advantages of a gas boosted hot water system.
Solar systems can be an attractive alternative to a traditional water heating system. They can offer significant price savings since they use the sun's natural light as a source of free and renewable energy. Plus, their use means that you dramatically decrease your energy consumption. However, many people worry about the reliability of a solar system. Can you still get the hot water you need on days when the weather is uncooperative?

This is where the benefit of a gas boosted system comes in. A gas boosted solar hot water system provides the ecological and cost benefits of a solar system with the added reliability of gas. There is no need to worry about an inadequate supply of hot water during periods of heavy cloud cover or unusually high water usage.

The gas and solar systems work together to ensure that hot water is always available when you need it. Gas boosters can be easily retrofitted onto an existing solar hot water system to immediately increase that system's efficiency and reliability. Use water heated by the sun when it is available; when your needs exceed the solar system's output, your hot water system will automatically switch the load to gas. You save money and cut fuel usage while enjoying hot water on demand.

Rheem, Bosch, Rinnai and other manufacturers all offer their own version of the gas-boosted solar hot water system. Talk to one of our technicians about the system that suits your needs and your home best.

Call Mr Plumber for Gas Instant Hot Water System Installation and Repair

Are you ready to upgrade to a gas instant hot water system? Have a system that needs an inspection or repair? We'd love to help.

Mr. Plumber employs skilled professionals with years of experience on a wide range of systems. We'll send one of our conscientious technicians to assess your needs and fix your existing system or install a new one.

Gas Hot Water System Prices

There are a number of quality gas hot water systems at all prices. The cost of your system will depend on a wide range of factors that include the location it is being installed, the type of system you opt for, the manufacturer, and what capabilities you want from your hot water system.



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Hot Water


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Gas Fitting

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