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Ever Hot Gas, Electric & Continuous Flow Hot Water Systems

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Homeowners who are thinking of making the switch to EverHot hot water systems will experience a wide range of advantages, not the least of which is a reduction in energy bills and an increase in convenience and comfort.

Mr Plumber is the go-to service for EverHot hot water system installation, service, and repair. With decades of experience in the industry, Mr Plumber has built a reputation as one of the most trusted plumbing services in South East Melbourne. Reviews from thousands of satisfied customers can attest to our professionalism and end-to-end plumbing services.

Our licensed plumbers are more than capable of installing any type of hot water system. Whether you are looking for EverHot solar boosted, electric, instantaneous gas, or continuous flow hot water systems, Mr Plumber is here to help you find the best possible solution. We can even find the best possible deal for the ever-popular EverHot 250L hot water system for you and your family.

Don’t hesitate to pick up the phone and give Mr Plumber a call: 1800 758 623.

Mr Plumber is committed to providing the best service possible for our clients.

Ever Hot Hot Water Systems

Everhot 250l.

Everhot hot water systems have been providing reliable and efficient hot water solutions to homeowners, businesses and industrial facilities for decades. With an Everhot hot water system installed at home, you can enjoy an unlimited supply of hot and cold water on tap all day long.

Manufactured by Rheem, EverHot range of products is designed for both residential and commercial use. EverHot water heaters come with a variety of options including electric-powered hot water systems, gas-powered units, solar-powered, and storage tank systems.

Ever Hot

Every type of EverHot hot water system is energy efficient and designed for tough Australian weather conditions. These water heaters are tested and proven to be able to provide consistent temperature throughout your home or business premises.

  • EverHot Electric Storage: Uses an electric element to heat the water in an insulated storage tank. Comes in single and twin element options. Storage capacity ranges from 80L to 400L. Most popular unit from this line is the EverHot 250L Hot Water System.

  • EverHot Gas Storage: Available in two models: the 4-star and 5-star. The EverHot 302 5-star 160L natural gas hot water system and the Everhot 450 5-star stainless steel hot water system provide superior performance at competitive prices. 

  • EverHot PRO (Heavy Duty Electric): Suitable for commercial kitchens that require reliable and robust performance. Specially designed for busy restaurants, hotels, cafés and other high-volume establishments. Includes the EverHot hot water system 315L, making it ideal for large-scale operations. Also has a 50L size for smaller premises with limited space.

  • EverHot SS 5 Star Gas Storage: Provides a 5-star efficiency, allowing for optimal performance with minimal waste of resources. Comes with a unique 'dual temperature' feature. Available in 450L capacity.

  • EverHot Heavy Duty Gas: Has both indoor and outdoor models. Uses multiple and larger anodes to provide greater protection against corrosion. Features a heavy-duty vitreous enamel tank which ensures the system’s long term reliability, even under extreme Australian weather conditions.

  • EverHot Boiling Water: Most cost-efficient EverHot heating unit. Has an energy-saving “Eco Mode” feature that allows users to reduce power consumption with just one click.

Popular Ever Hot Hot Water System Models

Popular EverHot hot water system models such as the EverHot 250L hot water system or the EverHot 320 Gas offer superior energy efficiency and durability. The larger models such as the EverHot hot water system 315L are designed for households that have more than 5 occupants or high-demand applications such as large commercial kitchens or industrial laundries.

Let’s take a look at other popular Everhot hot water system models among homeowners:


  • Everhot 26 Continuous Flow: Boasts of a 5-star gas efficiency rating. Features an impressive 10-year warranty on its combustion chamber and 3-year warranty on parts and labour. Delivers up to 26 L of water per minute with no delay in temperature or pressure.

  • Everhot 302 and 272 Litre: With a huge 302 litres or a slightly smaller 272 litres of hot water available in the first hour, plus 142 litres every hour after that, these hot water systems are sure to meet your needs. Has a 7-year storage tank warranty and 1 year coverage on parts and labour.

  • Everhot 50L electric storage hot water heater: Dual-handed heater designed with ease of installation in mind. Has a compact design and can fit into tight spaces. Perfect for small 1-2 person homes.

Ever Hot Vs Rheem

When it comes to finding the right water heater for your home, you may be faced with a difficult decision that can feel overwhelming. The two most popular brands of hot water systems are EverHot and Rheem. It isn’t as surprising since Rheem is the manufacturer of EverHot.

In the battle between EverHot vs Rheem, there is no clear cut answer. It will depend on your needs and budget. Ever Hot provides efficient and reliable hot water heaters that come in a variety of sizes and models to fit any budget. They often have great warranties that cover their products if

Ever Hot Vs Rheem
Everhot hot water system vs rheem hot water system .

something should go wrong. One of the biggest benefits of an EverHot water heater is its energy efficiency; they use up to 20% less energy than traditional models while providing more consistent and reliable hot water output. 


Rheem also has a wide range of models available that come with comprehensive warranties, but these tend to come at a higher price point than EverHot units. If you want to invest more money in highly-durable, tested and proven hot water systems, Rheem is probably the better option for you.

Ever Hot Hot Water Installation Service Melbourne

Mr Plumber is one of Melbourne CBD’s leading hot water service providers. Servicing the eastern suburbs of Melbourne as well as the south east suburbs of Melbourne, we are dedicated to providing our customers professional EverHot hot water system installation and repair service.
With our 24/7 EverHot hot water service in Melbourne, you will never have to endure another freezing-cold shower. Book your EverHot installation in Melbourne by calling us on 1800 758 623.


Mr Plumber is a Qualified Ever Hot Supplier and Installer for Eastern Melbourne Suburbs

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Mr Plumber is a trusted name and a qualified EverHot supplier in South East Melbourne and Melbourne CBD. Established in 1978, Mr Plumber has been providing hot water servicing for residential and commercial properties. Specialising in EverHot hot water installation, we can safely install any type of unit, including the popular EverHot 250L hot water system, with all the necessary plumbing works included.

Install an EverHot hot water system without the hassle. Book your EverHot hot water installation on 1800 758 623.

Mr Plumber

Book Your Ever Hot Hot Water Installation

Looking to increase your home’s comfort and need a hot water system installation? Mr Plumber can guarantee top-notch service at an affordable price. 

Booking an EverHot hot water installation with Mr Plumber is easy. Simply visit our booking page or call us on 1800 758 623. We make sure to work around your schedule, so you can focus on living life without disruption. Get in touch today for your hot water needs!

Ever Hot Hot Water System Reviews


Most Everhot hot water system reviews are generally positive. Homeowners claim that their EverHot water heater provides consistent and reliable hot water with minimal maintenance. Many customers have even reported that their monthly energy bills have decreased significantly since switching to this system. They also note that installation was easy and straightforward, with minimal disruption to their daily lives.


The EverHot 250L electric hot water system comes highly recommended to families of 4 to 6 with high hot water consumption. Both industry professionals and everyday customers alike vouch for this unit due to its easy like-for-like replacement capabilities. You won’t have to worry about any complex installations at home.

Another model suitable for large households is the Everhot 4 Star 135L natural gas hot water system. It is designed to deliver mains pressure throughout multiple outlets at home, so everyone can enjoy a steady stream of hot water when it’s needed the most. It comes with a 7-year cylinder warranty and a 12-month labour and parts coverage.

Comparing Ever Hot Hot Water Systems & Prices

There are a few factors that can influence EverHot electric hot water system prices such as the cost of the unit itself and the cost of installing a hot water system.

The EverHot hot water systems come in multiple sizes, so customers can choose the perfect size that fits their needs. Prices start as low as $1100 for the entry-level model such as the EverHot 25L and go up to $2500 for the larger tank capacities like the EverHot 400L. 

The mid-range models are priced between $1400 to $1700, giving customers plenty of options to choose from. Most EverHot hot water systems come with a 10- year warranty, ensuring customers get reliable performance from their new hot water system. 

The Everhot 315L electric water heater is a popular choice for large households. Starting at just around $1900, this unit can accommodate up to 315 litres of hot water, making it perfect for big families who need hot water for showers, laundry, dishes, and more.

Another less expensive option but still just as capable for large families is the EverHot 250L hot water system. Priced at around $1700, this unit can be installed indoors or outdoors. With its dual handed design, installation is made much easier and more efficient.

Mr Plumber has access to all the most up-to-date EverHot products available on the market today. We can provide you with whatever you need at a competitive price. Plus, we offer free installation quotes, so you don’t have to worry about hidden fees or surprise charges. And because we are fully licensed and insured, you can rest assured that your hot water installation experience will be hassle-free from start to finish.


Frequently Asked Questions About Ever Hot Hot Water Systems

Is Ever Hot the Same as Rheem?

No, but Everhot is manufactured by Rheem, a world-renowned leader in hot water solutions.

Is Ever Hot a Good Brand?

Everhot offers a wide range of products, including electric and gas hot water systems, for both residential and commercial properties. The design of every Everhot product is tested against strict criteria to ensure it meets all industry performance benchmarks. 

Each unit also goes through numerous safety tests and inspections prior to being released on the market. This guarantees that each unit will work reliably and efficiently for many years of use. 
Furthermore, all units are backed by an exceptional 10-year warranty, so that customers have peace of mind when buying from EverHot.

Where to Find an Ever Hot Certified Plumber in Melbourne?

Mr Plumber is a certified EverHot plumber servicing the Melbourne CBD and the suburbs in South East Melbourne. Our team of licensed hot water plumbers can provide you with up-to-date advice to make sure you have the right type of EverHot hot water system for your home or business.

We have all the necessary skills and experience to ensure proper installation of any given EverHot product. Customers need to be confident in their purchase, so we strive to make sure that our installations are done correctly the first time around.

Who Makes Ever Hot Hot Water Systems?

Rheem manufactures EverHot hot water systems. Rheem has been producing high-quality hot water systems for decades and continues to be an innovator in the industry. From traditional tank-style to eco-friendly solar powered models, Rheem produces a full line of EverHot products designed to meet your individual needs and budget.

Where Are Ever Hot Water Heaters Made?

Owned by Rheem, EverHot hot water systems are made in Australia. The EverHot product line is designed to meet the overall hot water needs of Australian households.

Frequently Asked Questions

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