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Dux Gas, Electric & Continuous Flow Hot Water Systems

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Homeowners who are looking for an efficient way to upgrade their house’s comfort without increasing their utility bills should take a look at Dux. Dux hot water systems are reliable, energy efficient heating solutions for any home or office. Popular models, such as the Dux 250L hot water system, feature a “ReadyHot” water recirculation system where cold water is immediately recirculated back through the system, reducing wait time and energy costs.

Mr Plumber is the trusted name when it comes to installation, servicing and repairs of Dux hot water systems in South East Melbourne. You can choose from a variety of gas instantaneous models, electric, or continuous flow hot water systems depending on your budget and needs. We can source any unit for you, including the highly-coveted Dux ProFlo hot water system that comes in several storage capacities. 

Mr Plumber has been providing professional plumbing service to the south east suburbs of Melbourne for decades. Our dedication to providing exceptional customer service has won us positive reviews over the years. We can handle any problem, especially servicing and repair of Dux hot water systems. 

Mr Plumber is committed to providing the best service possible for our clients.

Dux Hot Water Systems

Dux hot water systems.

Dux hot water systems have been a trusted Australian brand for over 100 years. Established in 1915, the small family business has grown to become one of the most respected and sought-after brands on the market today. From humble beginnings in Melbourne, Dux has established itself at the forefront of hot water systems across Australia and beyond.


Dux offers a range of different heating methods to suit every household’s needs. Whether you’re after a gas-powered system, electric-powered Dux hot water system, or something more environmentally-friendly like a heat pump or boosted solar technology, this brand has you covered.

Here are the range of hot water system technologies Dux has to offer:


  • Dux ProFlo Electric Storage: This Dux ProFlo hot water system comes in two sizes, 25L and 50L. Comes with a 7 year warranty for added peace of mind. Features both inlet and outlet connections on either side. Easily position your ProFlo hot water system where it best suits your needs. 

  • Dux Prodigy Gas Storage: The Dux Prodigy hot water system range claims to be a leader when it comes to hot water recovery due to its more efficient burner technology. Both 4-star and 5-star units come in 135L and 170L capacities.

  • Dux Always Hot Continuous Flow: The Dux instantaneous hot water system offers significant savings on gas bills, making it a perfect choice for families looking for affordable options. With an impressive thermal efficiency of 90% and a 6.7 star rating, this unit is one of the most energy-efficient options available.

  • Dux EcoSmart: Comes in gas-boosted and electric-boosted options, this unit uses the heat of the sun to heat water. It combines modern technology with energy efficiency to bring you a new level of cost savings and convenience. Ideal choice for homeowners looking to reduce their energy costs while still enjoying all the hot water they need. 

  • Dux Airoheat Airsourced Heat Pump: Perfect solution for anyone looking to heat their home without a traditional furnace or boiler. This one-piece system is designed with a compact size. Unlike EcoSmart, the Dux heat pump does not require any solar collectors. 


Mr Plumber is your go-to expert for Dux hot water systems installation in South East Melbourne. Our experienced team of experts can help determine what type of hot water system would work best for your home and lifestyle. With years of experience under our belt, we make sure to provide you with the most cost effective solution tailored to fit your individual requirements.

Here are several of the Dux hot water system units we highly recommend to our customers:

  • Dux 160L Hot Water System: The Dux 160L hot water system works as a reliable water heater for households with 2-4 people. Comes with a 10-year tank warranty and 1-year parts and labour converge. Starts at around $1100. 

  • Dux 315L Hot Water System: The Dux 315L hot water system is suitable for a family of 4 to 6 people. Provides long-term value due to its low maintenance needs and lengthy warranty coverage. Price starts at around $1600.

  • Dux 50L Hot Water System: The Dux 50L hot water system is designed to be compact and can fit most kitchen cupboards at its 670 mm height. Its highly durable tank comes with a 7-year warranty. Plug-in models for this unit are available.

  • Dux 125L Hot Water System: The Dux 125L hot water system can cover the needs of 2 to 3 people. Developed to be robust and durable, with a hard-wearing polymer base resistant to damage and moisture. 

  • Dux Proflo 250L: The Dux Proflo 250L works as the perfect hot water solution for a 4 to 6-person household. Available in both single element and twin element options. Comes with a 10-year tank warranty, along with a 1-year parts and labour warranty. 


We offer a variety of services such as Dux hot water system installation, maintenance and repair — so whatever situation you’re facing, rest assured that Mr Plumber has got it covered! All our technicians are highly trained and certified professionals who take pride in their work.

Popular Dux Hot Water System Models

The Compact ProFlo range is one of the most popular Dux hot water system models. It offers the perfect solution for those who are looking for a tiny electric water heater that can easily fit in a kitchen cupboard. This Dux model is easy to install, with its 670 mm height allowing it to fit snugly into even the smallest of spaces. Its small size means it takes up minimal space yet still delivers hot water when needed.

The Dux 50S1 Proflo hot water system is another popular choice for many households. This model offers excellent value for money, with a variety of tank sizes to choose from and full mains pressure delivery. It has exceeded the expectations of many consumers, who have praised its features and affordability. It also comes with a 10-year warranty and 1-year warranty on parts and labour. 

Comparing Dux Hot Water Systems & Prices

When it comes to your Dux electric hot water system, prices can be a point of contention. Fortunately, Mr Plumber can always find the greatest deals and offers for you. Shop all types of Dux units from solar-powered systems and heat pumps to continuous flow and gas models at unbeatable prices.


  • Dux 250L hot water system: Starts at $1400. Perfect for large households with huge demand for hot water with its 259 litres storage capacity. Compatible with both indoor or outdoor installation, giving you more flexibility. 

  • Dux 315L hot water system: Another hot water system made for a large family. Can handle multiple bathrooms simultaneously. Benefits include durability and ease of installation. Unit costs around $1600 but it comes with a 10-year warranty for added peace of mind.

  • Dux Forte hot water system: Can’t find any info on this model. Might be phased out?

  • Dux 26L/min Condensing Continuous Flow Water Heater: Considered to be one of the smallest domestic condensing gas water heaters in the Dux line. Priced at around $1300. Benefits families with limited space for hot water system installation. 

  • Dux ProFlo hot water system: ProFlo electric storage comes in various capacities from 25L all the way up to 400L. The 25L is priced around $500 and it can fit inside a cupboard. The 400L starts at $2400 and can be installed indoors and outdoors. If you want a space-saving heater, the 25L model would be the best choice. For a bigger household with heavy duty hot water needs, units with bigger storage tanks might suit you better. You just have to allot more space.

Remember that the cost of installing a hot water system includes more than just the price of the unit itself. Homeowners must factor other expenses into their budget to ensure they get an efficient and reliable system. 

As such, it’s important to plan ahead and contact Mr Plumber for a free installation quote to help determine the total cost before making a purchase decision.


Dux Hot Water System Reviews

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Dux hot water system reviews from customers have been overwhelmingly positive, suggesting that Dux hot water systems are reliable, energy-efficient and easy to install.

These systems come with a range of features to meet your needs. They offer superior temperature control, making it easier to find the perfect balance between comfort and energy efficiency. The design allows for easy


installation in almost any home or business setting, so no matter your space constraints or budget, you can find a model that fits your needs perfectly.

The Dux 50L Hot Water System, in particular, is a great choice for those looking to upgrade their current hot water system. It has an ultra-compact design of only 670mm high, making it easier to fit into tight cupboards or other smaller spaces. Its 50L capacity makes it powerful enough to meet the needs of most households.

If you’re in the market for a hot water system that provides a bigger capacity and more durability, customers have praised the Dux ProFlo 250L. The tank is made of strong polymer and resists damage and moisture, so you can have peace of mind knowing your investment will stand up to the test of time. The unit itself is also designed to be hard-wearing and tough against even extreme conditions — making it ideal for those who live in stormy or wet climates.

Dux Hot Water Installation Service Melbourne

Dux is an increasingly popular choice among homeowners in Melbourne. Having a certified plumber install your Dux hot water system guarantees that your system is installed correctly and safely. 

Mr Plumber is your go-to professional for Dux hot water service in Melbourne. We provide top-quality repair and Dux hot water installation services in Melbourne CBD, eastern suburbs of Melbourne, as well


Mr Plumber is a Well Known Dux Supplier and Installer for Melbourne’s South East

Mr Plumber logo.

Mr Plumber is the trusted Dux supplier  and provider of professional hot water servicing in the suburbs of South East Melbourne and across Melbourne CBD areas. 

Specialising in Dux hot water installation, Mr Plumber can install any type of hot water system, including the much-praised Dux ProFlo hot water system. The Dux ProFlo hot water system is renowned for its energy efficiency, energy savings for households, low-cost installation and great value for money.

Mr Plumber

Mr Plumber can also provide customers with a Dux 250L hot water system. The Dux 250L is suitable for a four-person household with multiple bathrooms.

Don’t delay and install a Dux today! Book your Dux hot water installation on 1800 758 623.

Book Your Dux Hot Water Installation

Book your Dux hot water installation with Mr Plumber today! Don’t leave it to chance — make sure you get the top-notch service you deserve when it comes to upgrading or installing a new hot water system. We are here to provide you with the highest quality installation and advice. Enjoy the benefits of a reliable and efficient Dux hot water system for years to come.

Visit Mr Plumber’s booking page or call us on 1800 758 623.

Frequently Asked Questions About Dux Hot Water Systems

How Long Does a Dux Hot Water System Last?

On average, you can expect your Dux hot water system to last between 10-15 years when properly installed and maintained. It is important that any installation job is done by an experienced professional like Mr Plumber who is trained in Dux hot water installation.

Who Makes Dux Hot Water Systems?

Manufactured by Noritz, Dux hot water systems are designed to provide users with efficient and comfortable hot water solutions. Noritz is one of the leading Japanese manufacturers of residential and commercial hot water solutions.

Where to Find a Dux Certified Plumber in Melbourne?

When it comes to choosing a reliable and experienced plumber in Melbourne, look no further than Mr Plumber — a Dux certified plumbing service provider. As an accredited Dux plumber, Mr Plumber has met high standards of excellence, guaranteeing quality workmanship at all times.

Are Dux and Rheem the Same?

No, Dux and Rheem are not the same. They are both leading hot water system manufacturers in Australia. Both companies have been providing Australians with quality hot water systems since their respective beginnings.

Frequently Asked Questions

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