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Downpipe Repair

White plastic downpipe on the roof of the cottage.

If your downpipes are damaged, your gutters will not perform as they are designed. At best, your property will sustain pools of water or flooding that can be unsightly and inconient. At worst, your broken downpipes could be causing structural damage to your home or business. Downpipe repair is a reasonably straightforward process, so if your gutters and downpipes are not performing as they should be, they should be repaired as soon as possible by a reputable plumber. Mr Plumber routinely carries out downpipe repairs throughout south east Melbourne. If you need a roof plumber give us a call.

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Mr Plumber is south east Melbourne's trusted downpipe repair and roof plumbing specialist.

Downpipe Replacement

If your downpipes have seen better days and it’s no longer economically viable for them to be repaired, Mr Plumber offers a downpipe replacement service. We have decades of experience with roof plumbing around south east Melbourne . We can 

Reputable Downpipe Plumbing Service

Mr Plumber has awesome reviews. Our downpipe plumbing service is quick, efficient and always carried out by fully qualified, licenced roof plumbers.

How To Fix A Downpipe

Gutter with downpipe on the roof a house.

There’s no two ways about it. The best way to fix a downpipe is to do it properly. Mr Plumber has a motto: It’s better to do something once properly than ten times over. If you’re trying to figure out how to fix a downpipe, before you reach for the tube of silastic, consider how the repairs will affect the aesthetics of your property and whether you’re doing a temporary repair that will have to be done again -- and again, or whether it might be wise just to get the downpipe fixed properly. Mr Plumber can repair your downpipes for you, making them like new for a very reasonable price.

Downpipe Repair Kit for Downpipe Repairs

For simple downpipe cracks or leaks, it’s possible to use a downpipe repair kit which can be found at most hardware stores. However, there’s a line regarding how practical it is to use such kits. They can offer a quick and dirty solution to small downpipe damage and problems, but we’ve seen some horrible uses of these kits over the years, where people have gone around their whole house patching up their downpipes. Not only does it look horrible -- which decreases the appeal and value of a property, but the repair will only last so long as the brittle downpipes continue to collapse.When it comes to downpipe repairs, Sometimes it’s better just to do things properly and call a professional. Mr Plumber offers a quick and efficient downpipe repair service. We’ll fix your downpipes so that they look and function like new again -- retaining the value of your property.

Related Downpipe and Gutter Services by Mr Plumber

Mr Plumber is trained and equipped to deal with all kinds of roof repairs relating to downpipes. We’re licenced to deal with any kind of roof plumbing situation. We’ve taken care of the roof plumbing needs of businesses and homes around south east Melbourne for decades. We will leave your home clean and keep the environment safe while we work. Whether you need roof gutter repair, gutter leak repair or a full gutter replacement, we’re up to the task. Contact us today to book and inspection and quote for your downpipe or gutter needs.


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Roof Gutter Repair 

In some cases gutters have been damaged by falling trees or high winds. In this case, you’ll benefit from Mr Plumber’s roof gutter repair services. We’re usually able to match your gutters style and colour so once fixed, you’ll never know the difference.

Gutter Leak Repair

A simple gutter leak repair might only take minutes, but leaving leaks go unfixed can cause property damage that costs a lot more time and money to fix. If your gutter has sprung a leak give us a call. We offer a 24/7 plumbing service and most gutter leak repairs can be done on the spot.

Gutter Replacement

There comes a time when gutters have simply reached their use by date and it’s time to simply replace the gutters. Sagging or rusted gutters, apart from being detrimental to the integrity of your property, are simply not good to look at. If you need new gutters, Mr Plumber is up to the task. We’ve installed new gutters all over Melbourne for decades. We’re proud of the fantastic reputation we have in the industry.



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