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Mr Plumber is south east Melbourne’s Trusted Gutter Repair and Replacement Specialist

Plumber installs the gutter system on the roof.

When it comes to gutter repair, Mr Plumber has 40 years experience all across south east Melbourne. Broken or clogged gutters and downspouts can cause costly problems. In a worst-case scenario, damage that isn't repaired quickly could cause a collapse of a section of the roof. The best way to avoid costly damage is to call Mr. Plumber as soon as you notice a leak or other signs of a problem and have it repaired quickly and affordably by a professional roof plumber.

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Mr Plumber is south east Melbourne’s Trusted Gutter Repair and Replacement Specialist

Roof And Gutter Repair for Melbourne’s South East

Mr Plumber is a certified and licenced plumber and gas fitter. roof and gutter repair. We have over 40 years experience in the industry and enjoy a fantastic reputation as one of Melbourne’s most respected and trusted plumbers.

What Does A Roof Plumber Do?

Plumber installs the gutter system on the roof.

Roof plumbers and gutter plumbers are trained and experienced in all aspects of roof, gutter, and downspout repairs. We can repair or replace shingles, corrugated metal, colorbond, roof decking, box or quad gutters, and flashing. The first thing our professional technicians will do is conduct a thorough inspection of your roof and water drainage system to discover damage and any areas where maintenance or replacement of materials is needed. Then they will consult with you on the necessary work to be done and give you an estimate on the cost and the time to complete. You’ll be a part of the process every step of the way to having a problem-free roof and gutter system.

Mr Plumber’s Gutter Repair Services

We specialise in roof gutter repair and gutter leak repair. We can also re-gutter entire homes and businesses to ensure the integrity of your property. 

Roof Gutter Repair 


In some cases gutters have been damaged by falling trees or high winds. In this case, you’ll benefit from Mr Plumber’s roof gutter repair services. We’re usually able to match your gutters style and colour so once fixed, you’ll never know the difference.


Gutter Leak Repair


A simple gutter leak repair might only take minutes, but leaving leaks go unfixed can cause property damage that costs a lot more time and money to fix. If your gutter has sprung a leak give us a call. We offer a 24/7 plumbing service and most gutter leak repairs can be done on the spot.


Gutter Replacement Melbourne


There comes a time when gutters have simply reached their use by date and it’s time to simply replace the gutters. Mr Plumber has decades of experience with gutter replacement in Melbourne. Sagging or rusted gutters, apart from being detrimental to the integrity of your property, are simply not good to look at. If you need new gutters, Mr Plumber is up to the task. We’ve installed new gutters all over Melbourne for decades. We’re proud of the fantastic reputation we have in the industry.

Repair Rusted Gutter


There’s nothing more unsightly than rusted gutters on a home or business. Not only do rusted gutters significantly decrease the aesthetic appearance of a building, they can also cause more unsightly and expensive repair damage. The proper function of gutters is definitely not something to overlook. 


More often than not it is best to replace rusted gutters than to repair them. While gutters might not look too bad from the ground, closer inspection reveals the true nature of the damage. In some cases rusted gutters can be repaired; for example if only part of the gutter has been exposed to leaves or other falling debris - a spot repair can be done. 


However, for gutters that are simply old and weather damaged and paste their use by date, repairing them can be more costly, especially down the track. When it comes to rusted gutter repair, it really is best to do the job once and do it properly.


Gutter Hole Repair


Gutters perform an important function of transporting water to drainage systems so that it doesn;t cause damage or inconvenience. So it goes without saying that if there are holes present in guttering, they will not perform optimally. Therefore, gutter hole repair should be done. If the hole is small, it might be something that a handyman is able to take care of without too much trouble; however, if there are numerous holes it is important to inspect the gutters and evaluate why the holes appeared in the first place. In this case it is best to call a professional for the evaluation. Mr Plumber has decades of experience repairing and installing gutters. We are able to take a look at the situation and provide advice on any action that should be taken to prevent further damage. We’ll also be able to perform the gutter hole repair so that the leak is permanently rectified.


Leaking Gutter Repair 


Mr Plumber has decades of experience with leaking gutter repair. Give us a call and we’ll send an experienced and licenced plumber out to take care of your leaking gutters.


Gutter And Fascia Repair


It is common for fascias to be damaged as a result of poorly functioning gutters. Mr Plumber is qualified and experienced to repair not only guttering but also fascias.

Call Mr Plumber for Gutter And Roof Repair

We’re available 7 days a week, 24 hours a day for gutter repair and replacement throughout south east Melbourne. Whether you need gutter and roof repair, fascia repair, leak repair or any combination of these services, Melbourne has trusted Mr Plumber for decades. We are proud of the fantastic reviews that our clients continually leave for us. We always work hard for customer satisfaction, by getting the work done quickly, efficiently and safely. We always leave our clients' properties clean and safe. Call Mr Plumber today for cutter repair or replacement.

Gutter Repair Cost

When considering gutter repair costs, it is necessary to weigh up all the factors. Are the current gutters doing their job properly? Or are they leaking or flooding the yard, causing damage to other parts of the property. How do the gutters look in general? Sagging or ageing gutters can reduce the price of a property, so if you’re thinking of putting your property on the market, gutters are definitely not something to be overlooked. 



Plumber checks hot water system.

Hot Water


Plumber holds tool to fix leaked tap.



Plumber checks gas fitting.

Gas Fitting

& Installation

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