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AquaMax Gas, Electric & Continuous Flow Hot Water Systems

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AquaMax hot water systems are the top choice for homeowners who wish to improve their home’s comfort while still focusing on energy efficiency and affordability. Boasting of impressive 5-star energy rating on their hot water systems, these units tick all the boxes when it comes to quality and cost-saving features.

Made in Australia, the AquaMax range includes gas and electric storage hot water systems. What sets AquaMax apart from other brands is their unique approach of not using anodes when constructing their tanks, resulting in extremely clean and pure water for a fraction of the cost.

Mr Plumber is the go-to plumbing service for South East Melbourne residents. With decades of experience in the industry, we can install any type of AquaMax hot water system for your convenience. Our qualified plumbers are experts when it comes to installation, hot water service and repair of these systems, including the popular AquaMax 390 and AquaMax 205 models. We provide professional and reliable plumbing service to ensure that your hot water system works perfectly.

With positive reviews from countless satisfied customers, Mr Plumber has built a solid reputation as the go-to plumbing service in Melbourne CBD. From residential hot water installations to commercial projects, no job is too big or too small for us. 

Mr Plumber is committed to providing the best service possible for our clients.

AquaMax Hot Water Systems

Aquamax 250l electric hot water system.

AquaMax, an Australian-owned and operated company, was the first to release an electric hot water system with a 5-star energy rating and 10-year warranty. This Aquamax hot water system is the first of its kind in Australia to offer such high levels of energy efficiency as well as long-term warranties.

Furthermore, AquaMax hot water systems are renowned for their use of stainless steel tanks. This sets AquaMax apart from other brands of hot water systems since not all storage systems are made with stainless steel.

AquaMax’s stainless steel tanks are exceptionally lightweight and can withstand high temperatures. The stainless steel construction also means that AquaMax hot water systems are highly resistant to corrosion, ensuring a long lasting product with excellent performance.


Another impressive fact about AquaMax hot water systems that has caught the attention of many savvy homeowners is their lack of anode. An anode is a component of a water heater which can potentially corrode in time, leading to more frequent maintenance and repairs.

AquaMax systems don’t use anodes, so they provide purer hot water without the worry of corrosion or rusting. The absence of anodes also means less sediment buildup over time, making it easier to maintain your system and keep it working properly for years to come.

Here are the two main offerings of the AquaMax range:


  • Gas Storage/Mains Pressure Gas Storage: This line of AquaMax 5-star gas heaters are the latest innovation in heating technology, offering mains pressure and a sleek stainless steel cylinder design. The AquaMax G390SS, G340SS, and G270SS models come with 12-year cylinder warranties, ensuring long-term reliability for both residential and commercial applications. Designed to keep up with high hot water demands. 

  • Electric Storage/Vitreous Enamel: Made from steel and lined with vitreous enamel, this product range offers the highest level of protection against rust and corrosion. With sizes ranging from 50L to 400L, AquaMax electric storage ensures that you will always have plenty of hot water available when you need it most. 


At Mr Plumber, we offer specialised advice to help you find the perfect product for your home or business. Whether it’s the heavy duty AquaMax G390SS or the lighter AquaMax 50L electric storage you need, our team can provide you with the best solutions to suit your unique requirements. 

We can find the best deals and exclusive discounts on select models, so that you get value for money when purchasing your AquaMax products. Get in touch with us today on 1800 758 623 and we’ll be more than happy to answer any queries or questions that you may have.

Popular AquaMax Hot Water System Models

Whether you're looking for an electric or gas storage hot water system, AquaMax has the right model for your home's needs. And Mr Plumber can help supply and install any type of water heater so all you have to do is sit back and relax. Here are some of the most popular AquaMax hot water system models on the market today.


  • AquaMax 250L: The AquaMax 250L electric storage hot water system is the perfect solution for medium to large households, providing ample hot water for up to 5 people. Designed with dual inlets and outlets. Features a twin element 3.6KW. Compatible with both indoor and outdoor installation.

  • AquaMax 315L: Featuring a vitreous enamel tank, the AquaMax 315L offers superior protection and durability.. This unit offers an impressive 10-year cylinder warranty and can provide hot water in two bathrooms simultaneously. Good for 4 to 6 people.

  • AquaMax 160L Squat Vitreous Enamel: Perfect choice for areas with height restrictions. The AquaMax 160L Squat has been designed to fit in small spaces and provides hot water on demand. Compatible with both internal and external installation, which allows flexible placement options. The 10-year cylinder warranty ensures durable performance even in harsh conditions.

  • AquaMax 80L Vitreous Enamel: The AquaMax 80L is the perfect water delivery system for one or two people looking for an efficient and cost-effective way to get hot water in their home. This electric model delivers a massive 80L of hot water per hour. Has a corrosion-resistant vitreous enamel lining which ensures durability and longevity.

AquaMax Gas Hot Water Systems

Aquamax g390SS gas storage.

AquaMax gas hot water systems provide reliable, efficient, and low-maintenance hot water solutions to Australian households. With mains pressure delivery, these systems are capable of providing uninterrupted hot water at all times. Available in three sizes, 270L, 340L, and 390L,  AquaMax gas hot water units also come with stainless steel cylinders and a 12-year warranty. 

  • G390SS Gas Storage: With a 390L first-hour delivery, this model is ideal for external installation with up to 3 bathrooms and can accommodate households of up to 6 people. Has been awarded a 5-star energy rating.

  • G340SS Gas Storage: Uses natural gas, provides a first hour delivery of 340L and also has a 5-star energy rating, making it both efficient and economical to run. Perfect for external installation, making it ideal for larger households with 2-5 people. Easily have enough hot water for up to 3 bathrooms.

  • G270SS Gas Storage: Perfect solution for small households, offering a 270L first-hour delivery and 130 litres of stainless steel storage. Ideal for those with limited space but in need of reliable hot water production. 


There is no 'one size fits all' solution when choosing a gas hot water system. That's why at Mr Plumber, we take into account everything from the size of your house, to the amount of hot water used by different members of your family. We also factor in your budget and energy efficiency requirements, so that you get the most out of your investment. Consult with us today, so we can help you decide on which AquaMax water heater best suits you and your family.

AquaMax Hot Water System Reviews

Woman's hand ticked on 5 stars review.

For those looking for a quality product that won't break the bank, AquaMax hot water systems are an excellent choice. AquaMax hot water system reviews show that they offer superior performance when compared to other brands, with many customers praising their durability and energy efficiency.


One of the most reviewed products in the AquaMax range is the G390SS Gas Storage model. This water heater can deliver 390 litres of hot water


per hour, giving households the capacity to manage their everyday needs efficiently. Not only that, but it has a 5-star energy rating to help ensure long-term savings on utility bills. To top it off, AquaMax provides a 12-year cylinder warranty with this unit, offering peace of mind that your investment will be safe for years to come.

AquaMax also offers electric storage water heaters, which come in various sizes from 50L to 400L. Their Electric Vitreous Enamel line has become particularly popular among users. The vitreous enamel finish offers superior protection against corrosion and rust ensuring the longevity of your AquaMax electric storage water heater. 

Comparing AquaMax Hot Water Systems & Prices

Offering an economical and efficient solution to providing hot water, AquaMax electric hot water system prices can be more affordable than other brands, including Rheem. Not only do AquaMax systems provide excellent value for money upfront, but they also boast a long lifespan — lasting up to 15 years or more with regular maintenance. Let’s take a look at different AquaMax models and their prices.

AquaMax 390 Storage Water Heater: Available for around $1400 making it one of the most cost-effective options for large households on the market today. It can deliver 390L of hot water in the first hour and has a 12 year warranty, so you can be sure of its long-term reliability. Can accommodate up to 6 people with high hot water demand. 

AquaMax 250L: starts at around $1000 and comes in sizes from 50L to 400L, suitable for most water types including hard water areas. Comes with dual inlets and outlets for easier and hassle-free installation. If you want a no-nonsense electric water heater that can cover the needs of up to 5 people, then this affordable AquaMax 250L model is the best option for you.

AquaMax 205: Designed to deliver up to 205 litres of 60 degrees hot water with an initial draw, and then 185 litres of recovery per hour. With an affordable starting price of around $1000, the Aquamax 205 provides a great value for money as it will save you time and energy in the long run.

Aquamax 80L Electric Storage: If you’re living alone or in a small family, then the AquaMax 80L model should be your top choice. Starting at just $620, this water heater is surprisingly affordable and features a 10-year cylinder warranty, giving you peace of mind that it won't need to be replaced anytime soon. 
The cost of installing a hot water system can vary significantly depending on the type, brand and size of the unit. Homeowners should be aware that in addition to the purchase price of the unit itself, there may be additional costs associated with installation and labour.

Additionally, there could be additional costs associated with your specific situation including additional plumbing work needed for installation and removal of old systems if applicable. Taking all this into account is key when budgeting for a hot water system installation.

Get a better idea of the installation price by calling Mr Plumber today. We can provide you with a free, no-obligation quote, so that you can budget accordingly and make an informed decision. Plus, we can also find you the best deals and discounts on water heaters. With a variety of hot water services we offer at competitive prices, Mr Plumber will give you the peace of mind that comes with knowing your project is being done right and at the right price.


Buy a AquaMax Water Heater Service in Melbourne

Mr Plumber is every Melbourne homeowner’s one-stop shop for all their hot water needs. We offer supply and installation services for any type of AquaMax water heater, allowing you to immediately enjoy hot water without any hassle or delay. After all, we more than understand the importance of having an easy-to-use, reliable hot water service working in your home or business.

As an accredited AquaMax supplier, we offer a range of models to suit any property from apartment complexes to family homes. For professional AquaMax hot water service, don’t hesitate to call Mr Plumber on 1800 758 623.

Buy a AquaMax

Rheem vs AquaMax

Rheem vs AquaMax

In the world of hot water systems, two names stand out: Rheem vs AquaMax. In 2009,  Rheem purchased AquaMax. The combination of these two brands is expected to provide customers with access to more diverse products and services.

AquaMax’s prices are more affordable while retaining their high-quality standard. In comparison, though Rheem may be slightly pricier than


AquaMax, customers are sure to benefit from their reliable customer service representatives who can offer assistance whenever necessary.

Both brands offer a wide selection of high-efficiency water heaters with options in both gas and electric models. Their electric and gas hot water systems also come with advanced features like energy-saving temperature control systems and stainless steel tanks that resist rusting over time.

Additionally, both Rheem and AquaMax products come with various warranty lengths depending on the type and size of the model purchased — ensuring continued satisfaction after purchase. 

AquaMax Hot Water Installation Service Melbourne

Looking for an AquaMax hot water service provider in Melbourne? Mr Plumber is just a call away! Every household has different hot water needs, which is why we customise our AquaMax services to best suit our Melbourne clients’ distinct requirements.

Our licensed hot water plumbers provide top-notch AquaMax hot water installation and repair services in the Melbourne CBD, eastern suburbs of Melbourne, as well as the south east suburbs of Melbourne. 


Mr Plumber is an Experienced AquaMax Supplier and Installer for the Suburbs of South Eastern Melbourne

Mr Plumber
Mr Plumber logo.

Since its establishment, Mr Plumber has been a trusted AquaMax supplier in South East Melbourne and Melbourne CBD. Specialising in hot water servicing, we are every homeowner's go-to choice looking to purchase or upgrade their hot water system. We can source any AquaMax hot water system and give you the best possible deals, including the AquaMax 390 or the AquaMax 205. Both units are perfect for large households.

Whether it’s an upgrade from an existing model or a completely new hot water system installation, we provide superior quality workmanship with safety being our top priority. Customers can rest assured that all

components and connections used for the hot water system will meet strict standards set by industry regulations.

Take the leap and install an AquaMax. Enjoy unlimited hot water with Mr Plumber at your service. Book your AquaMax hot water installation on 1800 758 623.

Book Your AquaMax Hot Water Installation

Book your AquaMax hot water installation with ease — Mr Plumber is here to help. Our experienced team will have your AquaMax hot water system installed in no time at all. Simply visit our online booking page or give us a call on 1800 758 623 and one of our friendly staff members will immediately assist you.

Frequently Asked Questions About AquaMax Hot Water Systems

Is AquaMax a Good Hot Water System?

When it comes to reliability, AquaMax stands out from other brands. With its stainless steel construction, this product provides high temperature stability while providing consistent hot water performance every time. 

Moreover, AquaMax water heaters are also designed with a variety of features such as anti-scaling technology and corrosion protection that allows it to withstand tough Australian conditions and last longer than most other hot water systems in the market. 

Is AquaMax a Good Brand?

AquaMax is a popular hot water system brand, with an emphasis on energy efficiency. AquaMax has been providing Australians with reliable, cost-effective hot water solutions since 1988. If you’re looking for a new hot water system to provide your home with plenty of efficient hot water, then AquaMax could be the perfect option for you.

Where to Find an AquaMax Certified Plumber in Melbourne?

South East Melbourne homeowners in need of a reliable AquaMax certified plumber need look no further than Mr Plumber. With decades of experience in the plumbing industry, Mr Plumber is an ideal option for those seeking a professional and qualified AquaMax certified plumbing team.

We offer a range of services, including emergency hot water system repairs, installations of various fixtures and appliances, drain cleaning and maintenance as well as sewer system services. Specialising in AquaMax hot water systems, our team can provide installation and repair services with expertise that you can trust. 

How Long Does an AquaMax Hot Water System Last?

An AquaMax hot water system is one of the most reliable and efficient hot water systems in the market. It is also among the longest-lasting, with a life expectancy that ranges from 10 to 15 years.

To maximise its lifespan, it is important to perform regular maintenance and inspections on an AquaMax hot water system. Call Mr Plumber and we will make sure that your AquaMax hot water system is always in good condition.

Where Are AquaMax Water Heaters Made?

AquaMax water heaters are made in Australia. The AquaMax range includes electric, gas, and instantaneous models, all manufactured at their facility in Moorabbin, Victoria.

Frequently Asked Questions

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