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Qualified South Melbourne Plumbers


Mr Plumber Proudly Services South Melbourne and Surrounding Areas

Picture: South Melbourne Terrace Houses

If you’re looking for a South Melbourne Plumber, Mr Plumber has helped the residents and businesses of South Melbourne, one of Melbourne’s oldest suburbs with their plumbing emergencies and situations for over 40 years. Our dedicated team of master plumbers are well equipped and licenced to take care of any plumbing situation.


Our vehicles are equipped with the latest plumbing technologies, such as CCTV and water jetting equipment. We carry most of the standard plumbing fittings and supplies, so we can usually provide a quote and get your plumbing situation sorted out on the spot. Whether you need hot water installation or servicing, broken or busted pipes replaced or plumbing help with an extension or renovation, we’ve got you covered.

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Mr Plumber is on call 24/7 and ready to deploy rapidly for emergencies in South Melbourne and surrounding suburbs


Mr Plumber’s Qualified Team of Master Plumbers Service South Melbourne and Surrounds

What Causes Plumbing Issues in South Melbourne?

Mr Plumber is familiar with the plumbing requirements of South Melbourne, Docklands, Southbank, Port Melbourne, Albert Park and the surrounding areas. These are some of Melbourne oldest suburbs and are filled with both heritage homes and also heritage-era plumbing technologies. Our team of licenced and qualified master plumbers are well versed with the building and construction methods of these areas, as well as the idiosyncrasies of various plumbing problems. We’re accustomed to some of the problems that older homes can present, from blocked drains and toilet systems to banging pipes and hot water problems.

Many of the inner Melbourne suburbs and businesses have extensions that connect with older plumbing technologies. Mr Plumber will ensure that whether you’re building an extension or just want to upgrade your toilet plumbing or hot water system, your premises will enjoy the right pressure without the noise, drips or leaks by doing the job properly the first time.


We’re able to install or service all makes of hot water systems, both new and old. We specialise in instant hot water systems which are fantastic for some of the smaller nooks and crannies that South Melbourne homes are limited by.

What ever your plumbing situation, emergency or construction requirement is, Mr Plumber can provide the perfect, long lasting solution and a reasonable price.

Mr Plumber is a Trusted

Emergency Plumber in South Melbourne

Mr Plumber Services South Melbourne, Docklands, Southbank, Port Melbourne, Albert Park and the surrounding areas.

Plumber hold tool to fix leaked tap.



Plumber check gas fitting.

Gas Fitting

& Installation

Mr Plumber Knows South Melbourne

South Melbourne is located only three kilometers form the CBD. South Melbourne was originally settled in the 1840’s and was originally known as Emerald Hill. Cottages were being built in the area as early as the 1850’s. So South Melbourne truly is one of Melbourne’s oldest suburbs. The original inhabitants pitched tents to make their in the Victorian gold rush. Today, the population of South Melbourne is around 10,000 people. The buildings in the area are predominantly Victorian era terraced housing and cottages. However, nearby Southbank boasts a lot more newer buildings and therefore a growing population density which is spilling over into South Melbourne.

Most of the terraced housing and cottages in South Melbourne are heritage-listed. In the 1850’s a lot of the cottages were prefabricated and a handful of those still exist. So South Melbourne and surrounding areas truly present the full gambit of pluming technologies and associated construction methods. With 40 years of experience in the area, Mr Plumber’s team is well equipped to deal with every kind of plumbing emergency and situation.


South Melbourne Instant Hot Water Systems


The inner suburbs of Melbourne, particularly around South Melbourne and Port Melbourne areas area great areas for instant hot water systems. The benefits of an instant system over storage a tank system is that they save a lot of room. They can also be installed close to the point of use, which saves both water and money because the water is heated instantly and is fed directly to the outlet. If you’re building an extension or looking to save room with your renovation, call Mr Plumber for a quote. Our team is experienced with installing instantaneous hot water systems in the area. Our knowledge can potentially save your home or business on costs while also preserving valuable space and adding value to your property.

Why Choose Mr Plumber for Your South Melbourne Plumbing Needs?

Mr Plumber is one of the most well known master plumbers in suburbs close to the Melbourne CBD. With several decades of experience, our licenced and qualified plumbing team offers reliability, great knowledge of the area and affordable pricing. Our well equipped vehicles ensure that we can solve plumbing emergencies quickly and efficiently, without the need to venture out for extra supplies.

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