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Drain Cleaning

Plumbers use water jet to clean drainage.

Mr Plumber is your drain cleaning plumber. If you’re experiencing issues with your drains and pipes and you’ve already tried to fix the problem using drain cleaning chemicals and products -- or you’ve done everything to unblock a drain but the blockage keeps returning -- it’s time to call in a professional drain cleaning plumber.

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Mr Plumber uses the latest drain cleaning technology such as CCTV drain cameras and water jetters.

Drain Cleaning

Plumber uses CCTV drain camera to inspect the sewer.

Mr Plumber is well equipped to provide a professional diagnosis, using state of the art CCTV drain camera equipment. Regardless of the outcome, you will have peace of mind knowing that your drainage system has been professionally inspected, so there will be no untimely surprises or blockages in future . 


No matter how small the issue your drain blockage may seem, all drainage problems have the potential to escalate into a bigger issue and may lead to more difficult and expensive problems in the long run. If you’re experiencing bad smells or overflowing drains, it’s important to contact Mr Plumber right away – especially if you’re running a business that relies on a healthy drainage system.

Professional Drain Cleaning Melbourne

When it comes to drain cleaning in Melbourne, Mr Plumber is the obvious choice. With more than 40 years experience in the south east Melbourne area, there aren’t many suburbs that we haven’t visited for drain cleaning.


Mr Plumbers Drain Cleaning Service


Mr Plumber offers quality drain cleaning unblocking and maintenance services.  We have the tools and experience required to unblock even the most stubborn drains. We recommend a routine drain cleaning service as part of a yearly maintenance schedule. This is especially important if your home or business is reliant on clean drains. Businesses such as nursing homes, hospitals, hotels or child care centres need to be vigilant in maintaining drains and good drainage. As well as drain cleaning Mr Plumber can also carry out a plumbing inspection with a CCTV drain camera to ensure there are no other blockages or issues in your drain system such as broken or cracked pipes.

Hydro Jet Drain Cleaning by Mr Plumber

For those stubborn drains that are difficult to unblock, hydro jet drain cleaning will be required. Regular hoses lack the force and pressure required to clean the build up off the inside of drain walls. It is necessary to ensure that there’s no buildup left on the inside of drain walls because drains that are not fully cleared are much more likely to become blocked again.

Mr Plumber is a professional Water Jetter Plumber

When homeowners and businesses around south east Melbourne need a water jetter plumber, Mr Plumber is the number they call. Our vans are equipped with state of the art water jetting equipment to reach those hard to access drains and pipes. 

Need  A Drain Cleaning Plumber?

Mr Plumber specialises in commercial and residential drain cleaning services. We’re the drain cleaning plumber of choice for many south east melbourne homes and businesses. We enjoy a great reputation as plumbers that can unblock even the most stubborn drains. If you have blocked drains or just need some routine maintenance or an inspection, give Mr Plumber a call for all your drain cleaning requirements.



Plumber checks hot water system.

Hot Water


Plumber hold tool to fix leaking tap.



Plumber checks gas fitting.

Gas Fitting

& Installation

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