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Trusted Emergency Plumbers for the Croydon Community


Meet Mr Plumber: Croydon's First Choice for Plumbing Solutions

Picture: View of Croydon and Mount Dandenong

At Mr Plumber, we're not just another service; we're a cornerstone in Croydon’s community. With over four decades of plumbing expertise under our belt, we've seen it all - vintage heritage homes to modern duplexes. Our team of licensed plumbing professionals are adept in handling the architectural nuances and plumbing complexities unique to Croydon.

We've built our reputation on quick responses and a thorough understanding of the varying architectural designs and building materials found throughout Croydon. Whether you own a charmingly old home or a sleek new apartment, we've got the right solutions for you.

Don't let plumbing issues throw a wrench in your day. Our dedicated team is ready around the clock to address your plumbing needs with exceptional skill. For quick, reliable service, give us a call on 1800 758 623 today.

Discover why Mr Plumber has been the go-to plumbing solution in Croydon for over four decades.


Your Trusty Plumbing Companion in Greater Melbourne

Established more than 40 years ago, Mr Plumber is a Ringwood-based plumbing company revered by the locals. Our area of operation spans across Croydon, Melbourne, Melbourne CBD, Bayside, South Eastern Melbourne, and the surrounding areas. We are the experts in managing a variety of plumbing issues, including but not limited to blocked stormwater drains, burst pipes, and blocked toilet repairs. We're not just a typical plumbing service; we're a comprehensive plumbing solution that utilizes state-of-the-art CCTV technology to inspect and clear your drains.

Comprehensive Services for Everyday Plumbing Challenges

  • Expertise in the installation, testing, and repair of hot water systems.

  • Professional handling of electrical appliances like dishwashers.

  • Licensed to perform testing, repair, and installation of gas fittings.


Our team of dedicated, experienced and highly-skilled plumbing professionals is always on standby, ready to attend to your plumbing needs in the Greater Melbourne Service Areas. We provide rapid deployment with our 24/7 emergency services and also offer special discounts for pensioners.

Don't hesitate to get your plumbing issues sorted by the experts. Reach out to us today on 1800 758 623.

Mr Plumber: An Integral Part of the Croydon Community


Situated just a hop, skip and a jump from our home base in Ringwood, Croydon lies within the City of Maroondah and is approximately 28 kilometres from the Melbourne CBD. Home to nearly 27,000 residents, Mr Plumber has been a familiar and trusted name in Croydon for decades.

Know Your Croydon: A Local Insight


The bustling main street of Croydon features a myriad of almost 200 businesses including hairdressers, cafes, and a variety of shops. Recent changes in dual occupancy zoning have led to a surge in new residential developments. This variety in architecture means that Croydon has a mix of heritage plumbing techniques as well as modern plumbing technologies.

Our intimate understanding of Croydon's architectural diversity - from heritage homes to modern apartments - enables us to provide targeted and effective plumbing solutions for the unique challenges posed by different types of properties.

Croydon by the Numbers

  • Median house price: $744,000

  • Median unit price: $560,000

  • Popular festival: Maroondah Festival


With many dwellings being built on existing properties, Croydon presents a unique set of plumbing challenges. Rest assured, Mr Plumber knows Croydon like the back of his hand and is always ready to assist you with your plumbing needs.

Your 24/7 Plumbing Ally by Mr Plumber


Mr Plumber stands by you, ready to tackle your plumbing emergencies promptly, 24/7. Whether you're located in the Melbourne CBD, the South Eastern Suburbs, Croydon, or even down to Frankston, our professional plumbers are just a call away. Particularly if you're looking for an emergency plumber near Ringwood, our team offers dependable and affordable services that Croydon and surrounding areas have relied on for over four decades.

What Sets Us Apart?

  • Quick diagnosis and repair of a wide array of plumbing issues, from blocked stormwater drains to low water pressure.

  • Professionally trained and licensed plumbers ensure a job well done.

  • Transparent pricing to fit your budget.


Don't wait for a plumbing emergency to disrupt your life. Call us anytime on 1800 758 623 for a plumbing service you can trust.

Experience unparalleled plumbing services with Mr Plumber, a name Croydon residents have trusted for years.

Mr Plumber Services Croydon, South East Melbourne, Bayside and Surrounding Areas

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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have specialised expertise in heritage plumbing, considering the prevalence of historic homes in Croydon?


Absolutely, at Mr Plumber, we have a dedicated team highly skilled in heritage plumbing solutions. With extensive experience working on these age-old structures, we understand the unique challenges and complexities involved. We offer services that are tailor-made for the specific needs of these heritage properties, ensuring the utmost care and precision in our work.

Can you help with drainage issues caused by tree root invasions?


Certainly! Tree root intrusion is a common problem we encounter, especially in leafy suburbs like Croydon. At Mr Plumber, we use cutting-edge technologies and proven methodologies to efficiently and effectively clear blocked drains caused by tree roots. We go a step further to not only resolve the immediate blockage but also diagnose and remedy the root cause, thereby minimising the likelihood of future issues.

Can I expect same-day service in Croydon given the suburb's bustling lifestyle?


Yes, you certainly can. At Mr Plumber, we understand that plumbing emergencies don't work on a 9-to-5 schedule. That's why we aim to provide same-day services in active communities like Croydon whenever possible. Our team of highly-qualified plumbers is always ready to address your plumbing concerns quickly and effectively.

If you have more questions or need urgent assistance, please call us on 1800 758 623. We're here to provide timely, expert solutions for all your plumbing needs.

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